Healthy Congregations GROW!

Update from Ashkelon

How can you tell something was well planted? Simple. It grows. Our recently planted Ashkelon congregation is proof of that. 

After several years of challenges and struggles due to external factors (such as the pandemic), we were finally able to open the doors of our new Ashkelon congregation, and the hunger is evident. 

We have seen how quickly it started to grow, with people getting saved and coming to receive the Lord after each service. Considering that evangelism projects are still being set up, and no active gospel outreach has taken place, it’s amazing to see people drawn to God and added to the church just because the hunger and spiritual need is there. 

We are witnessing God’s favor poured out on BH Ashkelon, and as they are gearing up to launch their much needed humanitarian relief efforts to support the poor and needy in Ashkelon, they need our prayers and support more than ever. 

Beit Hallel Ashdod has been sending leaders and worship teams weekly to help support their services and help grow the church. Pray for new volunteers and harvest workers to be raised, as well as for Ashkelon’s pastors Eitan and Yulia who are on the frontline of Israeli missions in the growing city of Ashkelon. 

We rejoice seeing this amazing response to a recently planted congregation, its remarkable growth is an indication that revival is at Israel’s doorstep. 

Please pray and become actively involved in Israel’s revival by supporting Beit Hallel’s network of local Israeli congregations such as BH Ashkelon.