Humanitarian work expanding to new cities!

Recently we were contacted by officials from the city of Ashkelon who inquired about our humanitarian work, and if we were able to take on some more families in need, specifically among new immigrants who were really struggling. 

It has aways been our passion and vision to expand our humanitarian work as much as possible, while helping as many as we can. It’s part of our mission and we fully rely on God to supply the resources for that. 

We came to Ashkelon, met with the officials as well as with some families. It was such a wonderful and open meeting, that we felt God was leading us to expand our humanitarian work further by opening wide doors for us in the city of Ashkelon.  



The growth continues, in our humanitarian outreach and the number of people we’re now helping on regular basis and in great part it is thanks to your generous support and love. 

These are people that struggle to make ends meet, that have returned to their ancient home land, are adapting to a completely new and different life, with no language and heaps of obstacles on their path. I believe God has placed us in Israel during this time to actively care for our people, love them, lead them to God and raise up more and more disciples in the land of Israel – all part of a revival that has already begun!