Humanitarian Work


In the past year we were able to feed and care for 1500 families every month in various cities. Our humanitarian project has been far reaching and has opened such incredible doors for us in reaching people who wouldn’t be able to hear the gospel otherwise.

The people we reach are from so many different walks of life, the majority are new immigrants, many of him flee unimaginable circumstances with nothing more than the clothes on their back.

We cannot forget the Holocaust survivors, who are the last living testimony of what happened 70 years ago, especially when there are so few of them left. It is our duty and privilege to dignify them by offering the help they need in their old age.

When you look at the people that receive our humanitarian support, it’s truly astonishing to see that lack and need does not discriminate. Many can find themselves in difficult situations, our work focuses on that: fulfilling a need in our communities, while helping people meet God in the process.

So far we have seen that humanitarian work has been the most successful tool in reaching the lost.