Incredible Baptism Service at the Jordan River

This past weekend was absolutely amazing as we held a baptism service at the Jordan River. Reflecting back on it, the experience was nothing short of transformative.

We had 43 people with us, and from the moment we got there, you could feel the excitement in the air.

We gathered at the historic site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus—such a special place with so much biblical significance. We kicked things off with a prayer, and it didn’t take long for the atmosphere to be charged with a divine presence.

As folks changed into their baptismal garments, you could sense a shift. God’s presence was tangible, touching everyone there. There were tears, smiles, and so much joy as the Holy Spirit moved among us. One particularly touching moment involved a couple from Russia, who used to work for the KGB. The husband was so overcome with emotion that he wept as he felt God’s presence. It was just one of many miracles that day.

There was also a woman who almost didn’t make it because of her husband’s struggles, but she pushed through and got baptized. Her transformation was profound. Many people from our Alpha course joined us too, sharing their powerful stories of faith and renewal.

After the baptisms, we celebrated communion and congratulated everyone on their new journey with Jesus. Our ministers invited anyone who needed prayer to come forward, and the response was incredible. The Holy Spirit was so strong, and we saw many people receiving prophetic words and personalized prayers. Two of our youth members played the guitar and sang praises, adding even more beauty to the event.

It was a day filled with deep connections and revelations.

This baptism service was more than just a ceremony—it was a series of personal miracles. People came out of the water not just baptized, but truly renewed, having encountered God and committed their lives to Him. It was a day of moving from slavery to freedom and stepping into a covenant with the Lord. Absolutely incredible!

Looking forward to more days like this!