Inna’s Healing Testimony

As time passes, we see God’s prophetic word of the return of the Jewish people to Israel unfold before our eyes.

It’s amazing to realize that the work we do here in Israel receiving new Jewish immigrants and providing for their needs, whether practical or spiritual, is part of God’s plan for this nation’s transformation. 

One such family had recently reached out to us for help as they busied themselves integrating into Israeli society.

Inna had made aliyah to Israel, along with her husband Vasily and child Oleg, from their native Russia. Not long after having settled in Ashdod they heard about Beit Hallel and the effective work we do in aiding newcomers to the land. 

It’s always a challenge for immigrant families to juggle the challenges of finding work, learning Hebrew, and establishing meaningful relationships in a totally new environment.

When our team first met with Inna at Beit Hallel, they could see that she was in great discomfort and couldn’t sit comfortably on the couch in our reception area. Their hearts immediately went out to her and they asked her if she was ok. Inna then told them that she had had chronic lower back pain for a very long time and that she had simply learned to live with the pain by using painkillers.  

Our team’s faith responded to her need, and they asked if they could pray for her healing.

They first explained to her how Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were sick, and that His healing power and salvation were available to all who would receive it but faith. We asked Inna if we could pray for her, and she agreed. Our team prayed passionately for Inna and called on the Lord to touch and heal her back. When they said amen, Inna thanked them profusely for their love and compassion. If anything, she just seemed glad to have connected with us and to have received the encouragement she so desperately needed. 

The following day we received a text message from Inna excitedly saying that her back pain had disappeared completely overnight and that she was finally free of the pain. She was overjoyed! We invited Inna to join us for our Shabbat meetings, as well as our various community projects, where we aid new immigrants like her and her family. 

Inna was very happy to hear that and said that she would love for her and her family to attend our meetings and projects.

We are keeping Inna and her family in our prayers, that the healing miracle she received from the Lord will inspire her to seek him wholeheartedly, and that she and her family will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.