ISRAEL UNDER ATTACK — Jihad against Israel

Israel under attack

What has been going on in Israel in the past few days?

While millions of families have been celebrating Passover, Easter and Ramadan, Israel yet again found itself a victim of targeted terrorist attacks.

In Jerusalem, Palestinian extremist groups opted for violence on Temple Mount, turning a holy place to millions of people into a place of hatred, terrorism and bloodshed, putting in danger thousands of Muslims that just wanted to pray in peace during Ramadan, all for the sake of provoking Israeli security forces into responding and acting swiftly in order to restore the peace.

Naturally those were the images the world saw on every news outlet, and Israel, as usual, was quickly condemned as the one who tries to stop Muslims from praying in Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount.

Ramadan is known as a very explosive time of year here in Israel, which is why your prayers are always needed during this time.

Things escalated and Israel once again found itself the target of bloody terrorist attacks, with 3 people murdered and 7 injured, aside from the dozen other attacks Israeli security forces thwart every day!

Additionally, Israel was subject to rocket fire from all three fronts: Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, absorbing over 80 rockets fired at Israeli civilians in both the north and south of Israel in the course of two days.

Some rockets were intercepted, while others exploded in densely populated residential areas, such as a house in Sderot, where a family and their 9-month old baby miraculously survived.

A summary of Israel’s first days of Passover can only be described as Jihad — Islam’s holy war against non-muslims, especially Israel.

There are thousands of Muslims we live and coexist amongst here in Israel who only want peace. They are our allies, neighbors and friends that seek to build a quiet life for themselves and their families, yet there are those that are fully immersed and driven by hatred towards Jews and Israel, as well as America for supporting Israel’s cause and right to exist.


While Ramadan continues, so do the terrorist attacks. We pray for God to touch the hearts of Muslims and remove their hatred by substituting it with Yeshua’s love. Also, we pray for protection of this nation, and for the Jihad that is waged against Israel and those who love her will crumble and fall, giving God all the glory.