Israeli Kids Discipleship Camp
Teaching Valuable Lessons while making Lifelong Memories

As the summer break starts, Israeli kids get their much-awaited vacation from school. This also means parents face an extra burden of keeping their kids occupied during the summer months, whether it’s through summer camps, family vacations, daily activities, etc. 

However, that requires resources, and oftentimes availability of at least one parent to entertain the kids. 

Every summer we arrange special projects to provide kids from our congregation with a summer program they can be a part of, that will not only keep them busy and entertained but also enrich them in knowledge and amazing experiences, allowing them to live an amazing season knowing life with the Lord is the ultimate adventure. 

This time we’re organizing a week-long camp in the desert, where 50 of our BH kids will spend these days and nights together, along with our amazing teams of ministers that have built a wonderful program that includes everything from prayer, worship, fun activities in nature, obstacles courses, musical nights under the desert sky, fellowship and bonding with each other. 

Our youth is also forming part of the team of volunteers that will be accompanying our youngest ones, leading them in worship, and prayer, guiding them, and serving as young mentors on this week-long adventure in the wilderness. 

Time flies by so fast, that to assume we have all the time in the world when it comes to helping raise and build up our young ones would be foolish and irresponsible. Especially since God entrusted us with these precious young lives. 

To invest in children is to invest in the future.
The kind of future we want to see greatly depends on what we will invest in the children today. 

In today’s fast-paced technology-driven generation, we don’t have the luxury to lag behind. We have to find a way to not only walk alongside them as they initiate their life journey but to lead them by example, giving them the tools to become godly leaders themselves that will transform the world we are leaving behind for them.