Israel’s Heartbeat
The Women of our Nation

There are heroes who are praised for their courage and bravery in battle, but there are also the behind-the-scenes heroes, the operations backend heroes, the driving force of society that is fighting an existential war; those heroes are the women of our nation. 

They are the pillars that keep things standing, the engine that keeps things going, the glue that keeps things together — the beating heart of Israel. 

There are women who are fighting on the frontline of this terrible war, and those who are fighting a different battle back home, keeping the families going, ensuring the wellbeing of their children, all while saying goodbye to their husbands who are currently away from home, defending that home. 

Their yoke is heavy, and if there was ever a time to encourage women and lift them up, it was now, during wartime and their hardest moment as wives, mothers and daughters. 

Even as the rockets were fired at Ashdod, God gave us a grace period of two hours to have a beautifully touching and extremely important women’s service devoted entirely to strengthening our women and lifting them up in this difficult season. 

Under the leadership of Vicky Pochtar and with the help of Miriam Ratner, they were able to organize a much-needed women’s meeting. 

Women who are always the ones to take care of everyone else around them had a chance to open up and pour their hearts, shed tears and share their pain and anguish while comforting each other and praying and ministering to one another — it was a true gift from God to have that time together. 

A powerful moment was to have our dear Miriam speak to the women and share the pain of the journey of losing her son in battle on October 7th. 

Miriam is an extraordinary example of strength and faithfulness. While mourning the loss of her son, she is not just able but eager to serve others and bring them comfort, all while leaning on the Lord for her own comfort in the face of excruciating pain and loss. 

She courageously opened her heart to the women at the meeting and shared how she relies on God’s strength every day while seeking the Lord’s comfort and praying for Him to take away the pain. 

It was a meeting filled with tears and shared pain, with women sharing their journeys, experiences and struggles, but also a moment of comfort, resilience and faith in this dark season when trusting Yeshua is the only option. 

This women’s meeting wasn’t “nice”, it was raw, vulnerable, healing, empowering and as important as a heartfelt hug to a hurting soul. 

The Lord was there every moment to embrace the women and recharge their spirits with new strength and faith, while ministering their wounds and healing their souls. 

Women – wives, mothers, daughters and sisters – who keep our world together while we are fighting to defend our home are the unsung heroes of this war.