Jerusalem Initiative
Starting Fresh in an Ancient City

There’s no denying that Jerusalem is a very special place. You can feel it the moment you enter the city. It issues a challenge to anyone who dares to take the city lightly, and it will make you feel things on a much deeper level than anywhere else you’ve lived.

Moving to Jerusalem, out of all places, is not for the weak. You can’t really expect a city that has seen a lot in its thousands of years of existence to be a simple, uncomplicated and easy place to move into.

Many of the new Olim, returning Jewish people making Aliyah, have chosen Jerusalem as their home. Regardless of the reasons, one thing we know for sure; Jerusalem doesn’t leave anyone unchanged.

These families have embarked on a journey taking their first steps in Israel, in Jerusalem, and we have a responsibility to be there for them, so they can plant deep roots in their ancient homeland.

Supporting Olim is always a much-needed and deeply appreciated part of our humanitarian ministry. It goes hand in hand with our calling as believers to: “Comfort, comfort My people! — says your God.”

The difference even the smallest help can make is proof that there’s no small gift if given with a big heart.

Consider supporting our newly launched Jerusalem outreach to Olim.

Be a part of God’s prophetic and ongoing restoration of the nation of Israel.