Jerusalem Outreach Testimonial

Our new Jerusalem outreach started off very well at our newly rented facility in the heart of the city.

This is an initiative that the Lord has been laying on our hearts, and leading us into, for a long time. As we prayed into God’s vision for our work to be established in Jerusalem, the Lord started opening doors for Beit Hallel, and established strategic and healthy connections for us in the city. As such, we launched our outreach with faith, and to our surprise, we had more than 50 families showing up for our first meeting!

The journey to getting all these people gathered together at our very first meeting in Jerusalem wasn’t easy, as people were very cautious and guarded at first, as they had no idea who we were as an organization, and what our intentions were. That all changed as soon as these dear ones entered our rented venue. The Holy Spirit was present and everybody felt the peace and comfort of the Lord. Our hearts sang with joy, and we felt the Lord’s hand upon, as we received these dear people with the Lord’s love and compassion.

As soon as our team started sitting down with all the attendees to speak with them, and to get to them, it seemed that they simply melted in the love of God. They were just so calm all of a sudden, and not at all in the same hurry with which they entered the venue. They were so happy to get to know us, and to hear about who we were, and why we were doing what we were doing. The Holy Spirit was working in people’s hearts, causing them to open up and share their stories with our team, which was such a powerful start to our Jerusalem initiative.

Among these dear ones were many Ukrainian refugees, who had painful stories to share, and who were in desperate need for consolation. We prayed with many of them, and they listened with rapt attention as we shared the Word of God with them, specifically speaking hope and encouragement into their situations and lives. We also handed out books by well-known Christian authors, translated into Russian, to offer them daily inspiration from the Word of God. 

We promised to keep in touch with everybody who attended, and invited them to contact us whenever they were in need of prayer or help. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful start to our Jerusalem outreach! We believe that God will bring many more families to us, to receive spiritual sustenance, as well as practical aid, to make something wonderful and fruitful grow from this ongoing outreach in Jerusalem.