Josef and Ella’s Testimony

Josef and Ella's Testimony

Our team recently visited one of our local old-age homes, to spend time with the elderly in fellowship. They always appreciate it so much when we take the time to share with them from the Word of God, and to pray for their needs. It really does impact them, and touches their hearts deeply.

An elderly gentleman, called Josef, approached us and ask if we could please come up to his apartment to pray for his wife. We went upstairs with Joseph and prayed for his wife Ella. As We ministered healing unto her, we also shared from the scriptures of the healing miracles that Jesus did and about the power that we have in His name over sickness and disease.

After we had prayed for her healing, Ella admitted that she needed Jesus in her life and that she was ready to receive Him. We all held hands and led Ella in the prayer of salvation. The angels in heaven rejoiced as another child came home to the Father. Ella expressed her joy at being saved, and she confessed that she finally felt at peace and that she now had confidence in her eternal destiny. Hallelujah!