Katarina’s Testimony of Salvation

We want to share an incredible story that unfolded during an evening dedicated to supporting orphans from Ukraine. As a congregation, we had decided to host a large group of Ukrainian orphans for an evening of entertainment and fun, aiming to put smiles on their faces and assure them that they are loved and not forgotten. These dear children were visiting us through an organization that cares for Ukrainian orphans and organizes visits to Israel to connect them with local congregations that offer support.

At this particular event, the atmosphere was filled with warmth and compassion as we gathered to provide support and comfort to these children in need. The children had a wonderful time, and we could sense that God had enveloped them in His arms of love, greatly comforting them. Many of our local families and visitors attended to show their support to these precious children.

As the event came to a close, we placed Bibles on a table for any of the visiting families to take home. One of our dear sisters, Ira, handed a Bible to a woman passing by the table. The woman, named Katarina, who herself was a refugee from Ukraine, took the Bible and held it tenderly in her arms, her eyes filled with a mixture of curiosity and hope. Sensing a moment of connection, Ira started speaking to her.

“Do you know that this book brings life?” Ira asked gently. “My life changed because I met its author, Yeshua. Would you also like to meet Him?”

Katarina looked at Ira with a hint of surprise and said, “Yes, I’m already a believer and was baptized in childhood.” But then Ira asked her another question that led to the heart of the matter.

“Have you ever prayed and invited Jesus into your heart, asking Him to change your life as the Bible says?” Ira asked, hoping to guide her towards a deeper understanding of faith.

Katarina shook her head slowly. “No, never.”

Seeing an opportunity to share the love of Yeshua, Ira called over two sisters in the faith, and together they shared the Gospel with her. They then asked Katarina if she was willing to receive Yeshua and invite Him into her heart. Katarina replied that she now understood she needed Yeshua and was ready to receive Him as her Lord and Savior. So, we prayed the prayer of salvation together with Katarina, and she was born again. Hallelujah!

Katarina practically radiated joy after she had received Yeshua and felt a peace she had never experienced before. Even though she was on her way out when Ira first approached her, it was clear that Katarina did not want to leave. Nastya, one of our sisters, exchanged phone numbers with her, and they agreed to meet at a coffee shop the next day to continue the conversation.

Glory to Jesus for saving a life!

This testimony is a powerful reminder of God’s love and the transformative power of faith. It shows how even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty, God’s presence can bring peace and miraculous intervention. Thank you, Lord, for touching hearts and changing lives. We continue to pray for Katarina and for all those who are seeking the light of Jesus in their lives.