Keeping the Faith
Godliness in Times of Godlessness

However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

Luke 18:8

While we’re witnessing the world drowning in godlessness, it forces us to take a good look at our path, and examine up close our character through the magnifying glass of God’s Word. 

Celebrating Christmas is always a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves what this season is all about, the character of Jesus and how He lived out His faith.

Yeshua was the one who showed us it is possible to talk the talk and walk the walk. In fact, actions testify to our words, and without them words carry very little weight. 

Keeping our faith in God in an increasingly godless world is all about following Yeshua’s footsteps and doing what He did, which was loving people, giving, sacrificing, encouraging and healing. 

His actions, miracles and works spoke volumes about His character. That is our golden standard, living out our faith in a way that will testify to our character. 

While we are busy this season with different activities, let us not forget what this season is actually about, and celebrate in a way that glorifies our Lord and dignifies our faith — by giving to those who suffer at this time. 

If the land of Israel gave anything to the world, it gave them a Savior, a Messiah who changed our lives and gave us meaning and purpose. 

It would be beautifully symbolic to give back to Yeshua’s own people in His own land during this season when Israel needs you most. 

Prayerfully consider supporting our work in Israel with people in need, displaced families, children and those whose fathers have gone to war and are now alone. 

Make your year-end donations count as you sow into Israel during a season when this nation needs your support most.  

We’re grateful for you and the difference your unconditional love and support are making for us in Israel!