Larissa’s Story

Our humanitarian work here at Beit Hallel is a critical aspect of all that we are and do here in the land of Israel. As more than 20% of the nation live below the poverty line, our work is clearly cut out for us. Nowhere is this need more urgent than with Ukrainian and Russian refugees, as well as new Jewish immigrants. Most times these dear ones arrive with a few suitcases in hand, having left everything behind them to start from scratch in the land of Israel.

Larissa is one such young woman, who had made aliyah from Russia with her husband, Vitaly, and three young children, Dima, Alex, and Luda. While they were still back in Moscow, preparing to move to Israel due to the deteriorating circumstances in Russia, they came to learn of Beit Hallel and the humanitarian work that we’ve been doing in Israel. Imagine that! News of our work has traveled all the way back to Moscow, giving hope to Jewish people that there are those who would welcome them in the land and help them get settled.

Not long after they arrived in Ashdod, Larissa reached out to our humanitarian center, to find practical help in their time of need. Some of our team members met with them to learn about their circumstances and how we could possibly help them. They explained to Larissa that all of us here at Beit Hallel are compelled by the love of God to be a blessing to the Jewish people arriving in Israel and to help them find their feet in Israel’s somewhat tumultuous society.

Our team learned that Larissa and her family were sleeping on the floor, as they didn’t have beds nor furniture. Larissa also mentioned that they were in dire need of cleaning materials and clothing. Our workers made careful notes of the things that Larissa mentioned that she needed and reassured her that everything would be ok. They shared a few stories of others who had come to us for help, and how we were able to assist them and help them stand on their own two feet. That seemed to encourage Larissa tremendously to know that others have walked the same path that she has and that they are now doing fine and managing well in Israel.

Larissa was confused though as to how we received all the resources to help so many people, and so we shared the touching story of how Christians from all over the world have partnered with us and are standing beside us in seeing God’s people blessed and cared for. This caught her off guard and left her in tears because as a Jewish person, she wasn’t made aware of the love of true believers for the nation of Israel. It was an absolute revelation to her!

Our team members assured her that they would organize our ground team to visit them at their home that very same day to deliver the things that Larissa and her family were in need of. They also explained to Larissa that they had complete access to our storehouse to collect brand-new clothing and shoes free of charge and to also attend our regular food basket distributions.    

When our ground team arrived at Larissa’s apartment later that day, they were met by Larissa and her husband Vitaly, and they were so glad to see our team. They were also very impressed and quite shocked by the efficiency of our team, as well as the generosity of our delivery, which included beds and mattresses, furniture, as well as cleaning products for the apartment. Vitaly and Larissa couldn’t stop thanking us, and they were deeply touched by our sincere love and compassion. 

We assured them that our doors were always open to them and that we would continue to stand with them and that they were not alone in their situation. It was humbling for us as the humanitarian team at Beit Hallel to see yet another family’s life changed through the love and generosity of our friends and partners from all over the world. They are the ones that enable us to be a blessing to new Jewish immigrants and to invest in the prophetic aliyah that is taking place right in front of our eyes, as God is bringing the Jewish people back to Israel.

Thank you partners! You are making a difference!