Launching a new Family Aleph Course

We’re about to launch our first family Aleph course for 2017. Ever since we started doing these courses, whether Parents courses or Marriage courses, we’ve seen an overwhelming response from couples who attended these courses, many of them came from 8 different cities to take part of this course.

It has made a big impact on both believers and non believes who have attended and we believe this time won’t be any different. God always has amazing things in store through this course.

The goal of our Family Aleph Course is to strengthen families, to give people the right tools so they can build their home on strong godly principles. We have topics like: How to communicate better in a relationship? How to resolve conflict? etc.

We’ve heard some wonderful testimonies about how much this course has helped couples, wether in parenting, or in their marriages.

There was one couple that has been married for 35 years and their only complaint after the course that they didn’t find us sooner.

There are several non-believers who attend our courses and strong biblical principles they start applying in their families work without fail. One woman, Noa, shared how she came to the course without knowing what to expect and came out with so many tools and a better understanding of what God’s plan for families was all about. She applied these principles in her family and said she saw immediate impact, that the atmosphere at home changed completely.

Please pray for this course and the families that will be attending it. We trust God has a special plan for every single one of them.