Launching Jerusalem Relief Ministry

Jerusalem is a city that is constantly drawing attention, with so many things said about it, and so much global focus on it, no wonder God said in Psalms 122:6Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.

Jerusalem is the city of the great King that has known so little peace throughout history. 

However, it is easy to ignore the fact that it’s a city, much like any other in Israel, despite its uniqueness. Jewish people live, work, study, build homes, and start families and businesses there and many people make Aliyah from other countries specifically to Jerusalem. 

When we first felt the Lord direct us to start our humanitarian outreach work in Jerusalem, it felt monumental, simply because it’s Jerusalem. It’s different, profound and somehow stands apart almost in the Israeli urban scenery. 

Nevertheless, God was very clear about the real people, real families and real needs He wanted us to meet in Jerusalem, specifically reaching communities of Olim — returning Jews to Israel. 

When people decide to leave everything behind and make Aliyah, it’s not like relocation or becoming an expat in another country. The roots that tie Jewish people to this land make a move such as Aliyah a great deal more significant and almost final. 

Reaching people and helping Jewish families who are returning to Israel has always been at the core of our mission work, but now God directs us specifically to branch out and launch a humanitarian relief outreach in Jerusalem as an extension of our ministry. 

Supporting our humanitarian efforts now will mean you are also actively helping rebuild Jerusalem, fulfilling biblical prophecies. 

Foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you.

Isaiah 60:10

As we are launching our new Jerusalem Humanitarian Relief project, will you prayerfully consider sowing into blessing Jewish families returning to Israel and settling in Jerusalem, after 2000 years in exile?