Launching New Family Course

Great news!
We’re launching a fresh course for young families and marriages who came to us through our various humanitarian projects. Many of them are new immigrants and are still trying to find their feet in the Land.

The course will be held by Igor Shraybman, who is an amazing psychologist and marriage consultant. This course will help people with marriage and family issues, as well as give them an opportunity to hear the gospel and meet the Lord.

Igor & Naomi Shraybman have a touching testimony as a family. Igor lost his first wife in a car accident a year before they had to make aliyah to Israel with their five children.

Newly widowed and a grieving father of five decided to continue with their plans, took his children and moved to Israel. Despite the many struggles, difficulties and personal grief, Igor spent years building a life for his family here in Israel. Then one day, the Lord sent Naomi his way in order to restore his home. They were married and now have a beautiful baby girl.

The Shraybmans

This 8-week course will be a tremendous blessing for so many who have signed up. It’s wonderful to see how the Lord has opened doors and touched people’s hearts: before there weren’t many people interested in this type of course, and now we see an amazing response with over 14 couples signing up! It’s a genuine indication of how powerful God is working among his people and ushers them into His Kingdom.

Through these courses, over 180 people heard the gospel and received the Lord, and this year alone we have seen this year alone more than 20 people coming to our congregation.

One of our needs is provision of $1,500 for this course. We need to buy tables, chairs, some supplies, and also part of the course is organising a big dinner to build a stronger fellowship between the people, with the idea they join our congregation.

Please pray also for:

  • Couples who signed up, that God will remove last minute obstacles and hinderances that might pop up. It’s a spiritual battle, we’ve seen it many times before. Your prayers are crucial.
  • Families and marriages to be strengthened, and also for people to be saved.
  • Igor and Naomi Shraybman who will be teaching the course.
  • Volunteers to help with our daily projects.
  • Financial provision for the many needs our ministry and congregation requires due to our continuous projects and activities.

We encourage you to become our partners in prayer, funding and visit us in Israel. Share about us and forward our news and join hands with us and the work God has entrusted us. Together we will see the salvation of Israel.