Launching new ministry for the hearing impaired

The weather is Israel has been pretty cold, rainy and gloomy these days, but you couldn’t tell by the wonderfuland dynamic events, projects and moments that have been taking place here at Beit Hallel that really create such a wonderful atmosphere of “togetherness”.

We’ve been very blessed to see Him working in our congregation, sending us special guests from overseas, brining people together, opening new ministry opportunities to help and serve more people.

One of those wonderful opportunities is a new ministry we recently started for the hearing impaired. It all started with a young couple at our congregation, Alex and Alyona.

Alex was born deaf and met Alyona who knew sign language. They’ve been happily married for several years now and always felt very passionate about helping and serving people who have the same disability as Alex. God laid it on their hearts to reach other hearing impaired people in our city and community.

So at first they started with Alyona translating our main weekly services into sign language for Alex, and then would invite new people to our services, because now we have translation into sign language.

Slowly it grew, and now Alex and Alyona have a small network of people with whom they meet regularly. All are hearing and speech impaired and all have children who don’t have a hearing disability.

They actually arranged a small Christmas outreach in December and brought all these families together to celebrate together, to share with them the true meaning behind Christmas. Their main goal is to reach people with the message of Yeshua’s salvation.


We’re blessed and grateful to count on such wonderful families like Alex and Alyona, who feel God’s calling very strongly and find their place in our congregation where they can serve and give to others. To us, that is what building a strong congregation is all about.