Leadership Retreat by the Lake of Galilee

There’s something unique about the body of Christ in Israel. Aside from the nation being one big melting pot of cultures and backgrounds (a result of 2000-year Jewish exile), there’s also the coexistence between Jews and Arabs. 

It’s a burning topic that is often spoken about in every possible news outlet. However, for us here in Israel it is part of our daily reality, and not just in the nation, but also among the believers in Yeshua. 

Any opportunity for us Jewish believers to come together with our Arab brothers and fellow believers in Yeshua in Israel creates a powerful experience, and together we become a force to be reckoned with. 

That is what our annual leadership family retreat by the Lake of Galilee is all about — bringing together Jewish and Arab believers with their families, and spending precious time together, worshipping together, praying, and ministering to one another. 

The idea behind it is not just a leadership retreat, but a family one because there is something deeply powerful about Jewish and Arab believers worshiping Yeshua together as they watch their Jewish and Arab children play together. An image that no media outlet will show you, because only Yeshua can make it a reality. 

This is why this retreat is so important to both the leaders in the body of Messiah in Israel, as well as their families and children. The time they get to spend together, lean on one another, encourage, empower, play, pray, sing and fellowship — Jew and Arab — will teach them more about love and unity than any teaching or Bible study. 

It is extremely important in today’s climate, especially in Israel in light of so many recent challenges, to come together Jew and Arab leaders of the Body of Messiah, encouraging and sharing what God is doing in the land in each region, in both Hebrew speaking congregations, as well as in Arab ones. 

It’s a glorious time to spend those few days together, with our families together by the shore of Lake of Galilee; just like 2000 years ago entire families followed Yeshua and sat at His feet by the same shores while He taught, bringing people together. 

Combining beautiful times of worship and joy, with lots of contemporary worship and Middle Eastern sounds, and songs in both Hebrew and Arabic it is absolutely priceless to see how with each passing year, the friendships and bonds are only growing stronger.

As a senior pastor of a Hebrew-speaking congregation, I’m thankful and humbled to have the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the retreat and serve my fellow Arab and Jewish brothers.

Beit Hallel is sending the largest team of volunteers to help with kids’ ministry at the retreat, as well as youth and worship. 

Sason Pochtar, our youth pastor, is in charge of both Jewish and Arab youth, and it promises to be an incredible experience for our young people. 

We are also putting together a big group of BH leaders and their families to take part in such an important retreat that helps unite Jewish and Arab believers. 

We need your help supporting this wonderful initiative to bring together Jewish and Arab leaders in the body of Messiah in Israel.

Consider sowing a financial blessing into the unity between Jews and Arab believers by supporting our team sent to this retreat.