Leah’s Testimony

Leah recently arrived in Israel as a Jewish refugee from Western Ukraine, along with her little boy Alex. When she arrived she didn’t know anyone in Israel and settled in our city of Ashdod. Through her and her son’s process of integration through a local absorption center, Leah came to hear about Beit Hallel Congregation and the help they offer new immigrant families. 

Leah immediately got in touch with us, and we invited her to attend our humanitarian projects to receive practical aid in various forms, and we also invited her to attend our Shabbat services and Gospel outreaches if she would like to. Leah was very excited about the prospect of seeing other new immigrants and refugees from Ukraine, of which there are many at Beit Hallel Congregation, and said that she would love to join us for our meetings, to see what we were all about. 

Leah had a wonderful time settling in at Beit Hallel, along with her son, and she made many new friends. She found the message of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, to bring her consolation and peace that she had never experienced before. She started reading the Bible and learning more about God and the salvation that He offered as a free gift to all who would receive it by faith. 

During our most recent Gospel outreach event in Jerusalem, we hosted about 400 new Jewish immigrants to a day of Biblical sightseeing in Jerusalem, as well as a time of learning about the Bible and Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. During the altar call at the end of the meeting, Leah took a step of faith and responded. She repented of her sins and received Yeshua as her Lord and Savior! 

Where Leah had been on a journey of discovery, her life suddenly shifted into higher gear as she was born again, and the seeds of the Word of God that had been sown into her heart became alive all at once. Leah’s life has been completely changed, and where once she was afraid and uncertain, she now stands firm in the peace and security that only God can provide. Amen!