Lena’s Story

Lena is a dear lady with whom we crossed paths a few months ago. Like most of the new immigrants we come into contact with, Lena had made aliyah (immigration) with her family; her husband Yosef, and son Oleg. They aren’t just new Jewish immigrants, but also refugees, because they used to live in the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which was nearly destroyed by Russia. 

Since their arrival in Israel, Lena and her family had faced many difficulties as they integrated into Israeli society, as it was difficult to start their lives from scratch in a brand new culture. During this turbulent period of their lives, Lena and Yosef had fallen into a deep depression, and they realized that they desperately needed God’s intervention in their lives. 

As such, they reached out to Beit Hallel to see how they could connect with our community, to find spiritual support and a sense of community. Our team met with them and heard them share their struggles with depression and their desire to know more about God. We spent time with them in prayer and read to them from the Bible, specifically about the liberation that we find once we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 

They were very encouraged to hear about the hope that exists in Jesus,  and Lena shared that she knew that their journey had led them to Beit Hallel. We invited them to start attending our Shabbat services, our evangelism event in Jerusalem, as well as to sign up for our Alpha course that was about to start.  

Lena and Yosef happily accepted our invitation, and joined us for our evangelism event in Jerusalem, the city of the Great King. They enjoyed a wonderful time in God’s presence at the event with uplifting worship and a powerful message by Pastor Israel Pochtar. 

The Holy Spirit had touched them deeply, resulting in them both responding to the altar call, and giving their hearts to Jesus. Hallelujah!

The seeds of the Word that were sown into their hearts had come to fruition, and they had now become children of God. Amen!