Look at what you’ve done!
Relieving Ukrainian Refugee families from the intense Israeli summer heat

Very few things can prepare you for that first time you experience the fullness of Israeli summer heat.

That was the case with hundreds of families of new Ukrainian refugees that have recently arrived in Israel. Some of them are larger families with many kids, some are elderly couples. However, they all come from a very different climate, which makes the harsh Israeli summer an additional unbearable challenge to face.

Many of these families have recently made their way to Israel, arriving with very few belongings and many needs, most are housed in tiny apartments and without even a small fan to offer some relief.

During the first days and weeks in the Land, trying to find their footing, families are focused on getting food and basic provision. Fans are a luxury they simply could not afford, yet desperately need. Especially in Israel.

We asked if you’d be willing to help, and YOU came through in a big way with your big heart.

Your generosity has enabled us to fund this project and distribute dozens of fans among freshly immigrated families, to offer them some relief during their first harsh Israeli summer.

Your gift not only greatly blessed these families with a much-needed house fan, but on a larger scale, it was an answer to someone’s prayer during the most difficult season of change in their lives.