Love is Measured when it is Poured Out

Update from Israeli Kids Desert Camp

Giving young kids who weren’t raised in church or in a believing family, the opportunity to experience the love of God in a unique way is something that is worth investing in. 

When we set out to send about 50 kids to a Desert Camp that was organized for them, knowing most of them to come from troubled backgrounds and broken homes – and many of them Ukrainian refugees that have lived through unimaginable circumstances — it was obvious they needed to experience the depth of God’s love in a powerful way. 

We brought an amazing team of young volunteers from Beit Hallel that went with these kids to the desert, camped out with them, led them in wonderful activities, spent time with them speaking to them about God, prayed, worshiped and even led them to the Lord. 

There were beautiful testimonies of young kids that came from complicated situations, were very resistant to hearing anything about God, said they didn’t believe in anything. By the end of this camp, their hearts were opened and they experienced God in a profound way. 

One young boy shared that since coming to Israel, he hasn’t felt welcome and he was having a hard time adjusting. But our BH youth that volunteered at the camp embraced him and other kids like him, making him feel welcome, accepted and loved for the first time. 

The biggest testimony is when young kids experience the love of God for the first time in their lives, and we get to be the vessels His love is poured from. 

It was an amazing camp, which for most was a life-changing experience that marked their young lives. 

For our youth that selflessly volunteered to lead these kids in camp, this was a wonderful lesson in true discipleship and the transformative power it holds. 

We will continue investing in our young ones because the fruit they bear is all the proof we need that they are the best investment of our God-given resources.