Maayan Eilat Congregation

Maayan Eilat Messianic Congregation was founded in 2008 by Ariel and Yael Ben David. After several months of home meetings, they rented a private house for two years and held meetings in it. Now there are about 50 members and 25 children in the congregation.

In 2011 the Congregation was officially registered as a Prayer House and a Messianic Humanitarian Organization. Maayan Eilat rents a 220 square meters building for meetings, events youth and social programs. The Congregation has an Evangelistic Vision – to reach people with God’s love and bring them the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah. For these purposes, Maayan Eilat has “Good Samaritan” humanitarian projects and develops them in Eilat. For new congregational members we offer an ongoing Biblical foundation course.

Our Congregation has a number of humanitarian projects. They are entirely devoted to humanitarian assistance for WWII Jewish veterans, Holocaust survivors, single parents and needy people. “Many of these people are in difficult situations,” Pastor Ariel says. “We consider it our duty to help everyone in needs, if possible, regardless if they’re believers or not, nor their race, gender or social status. Many times people ask why we’re helping them? Then we share our faith, tell our stories of salvation, testimonies etc. Sometime we have special events for people in need, where they can come with their children or friends to attend. During these events we invite special guests, have concerts, prepare food, talk with people, show christian videos, movies etc. The congregation’s youth and volunteers also help a lot.”

Unfortunately, Eilat is situated too far from the center of Israel, and no other humanitarian projects and support reach our city. Our Congregation really needs financial support to develop and sustain it for the blessing and salvation of the people of Eilat. It’s very hard to go at it alone, so we will be happy to press on with our work, along with you, your prayers, and your support!