Video Library

Reaching New Heights with our Building Renovations!

Passover in the Wilderness – Reaching People with God’s Message of Deliverance

Purim – Last opportunity to Bless the Children

Discipling Servant Leaders – Launching a leadership course

“I am zealous for Jerusalem, says the Lord!” — Jerusalem’s time of restoration

First Purim in Israel – Making it an Unforgettable One for the Children

Tea Club Outreach – New Methods for an Unchanged Message

Preparing for IDF Service as a Believer – Guy Pochtar’s Testimony

Pushing Onwards and Upwards with the first Christian-Owned Building in Ashdod!

God’s Zeal for Jerusalem

Establishing a Safe Haven for Believers in Ashkelon

Knowing we were called “for such a time as this” – Upcoming Purim Celebration

The Importance of Standing with Israel — Pastor Israel in Conversation with Pastor V ...

Elijah joins an Israeli Rescue Delegation to Turkey

What Difference can Your Support make to a family of New Jewish Immigrants?

Assuming YOUR Calling as Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem

Sing and Rejoice, O Daughter of Zion!

Ashkelon’s Growing Congregation Update!

Our Light in the Darkness — Shabbat Shalom from Pastor Israel

Building is a Marathon, not a Sprint – Church Building Update

Spiritual Warfare over Jerusalem

Holocaust Memorial Day with Pastor Israel Pochtar

The One Enthroned in Heaven Laughs – Devotional from Pastor Israel

RescUA Mission to Ukraine – Choosing to be Light in the Midst of Darkness

RescUA Mission to Ukraine: Part 4-6

Mission to Ukraine — Part 5

Mission to Ukraine — Part 4

Mission to Ukraine: Part 1-3

Raising up a Habitation for the Lord in Ashdod

First Update from our Team on the Ground in Ukraine!

Discipleship – A Life Changing Ministry

Starting the Year off right – Preaching the Gospel in Galilee

Extending a Helping Hand to Jews in Ukraine – Emergency Relief

Galilee Gospel Campaign – Arise, Shine, for Your Light has Come!

Moving Forward on Faith! – New Sanctuary Update

Happy New Year from Pastor Israel!

Christmas & Hanukkah Children’s Project
Shining God’s Light Brightly

Merry Christmas from Pastor Israel Pochtar

The Fields are White for Harvest
Sowing into salvation in 2023

Building on a Great Year
New Sanctuary Update

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukkah!

The People who sat in Darkness have seen a great Light—Galilee Evangelism

Bringing Back Christmas to Israel

Do You Love Me? A Devotional with Pastor Israel

Celebrating the Birth of Yeshua in Israel

Galilee Evangelism
It’s Time to Prepare for Revival in Israel!

Unless the Lord Builds the House
Partnering with our Building Project

God’s Verdict for You is Peace

Christmas and Hanukkah – Being a Light during the holiday season

You Will Keep Him In Perfect Peace

Called to be life-sustaining wells of God

Our New Building is Progressing Full Steam!

The Power of Blessing

Women’s Conference Video Report: “She is More Precious than Jewels”

Kids Sneakers Project – Called to be an Answer to Someone’s Prayer

Lifting Up the Poor of Israel this Winter

Overcoming Fear, the Weapon of the Enemy

The Anointing of David
When the Heart determines your Calling

She’arayim – A Biblical Fortress where Faith overcame Fear

Women’s Conference
Discovering a Woman’s Heart

But I am Prayer! A Special Message on Prayer from the Biblical Land of Judah

Special Message from the Mount of Transfiguration (Har Tavor)

Evangelism Outreach Event in Be’er Sheva
Praise Report!

And Abraham Planted a Tamarisk Tree in Be’er Sheva

Supporting Aliyah and Bible Prophecy

Called to be Restorers of Foundations
Evangelism event in Be’er Sheva, the city ...

He turns the Desert into Pools of Water

Get involved in our groundbreaking evangelism in Be’er Sheva

The Prophetic Fulfillment of Sukkot

Sukkot – Lessons from the Past, Present and Future

The Tabernacle of His Peace – Part 1

Be’er Sheva Evangelism
Flooding the Desert with Spiritual Water

A Season to reflect God’s character
Bringing dignity to Holocaust Survivors

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) Greeting from Pastor Israel

Powerful Evangelism Outreach in Be’er Sheva

Yom Kippur
The Day of Atonement

Fall Biblical Feasts – The Lord is coming! Exploring the main message of the Fea ...

Biblical Holidays Feeding Project
Celebrating God’s Kindness by Showing it to Others

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity ...

Fall Biblical Feasts — Unfolding the mystery of Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah)

A Special Word from Pastor Israel on the Mount of Olives – Part 2

Ushering in the Return of the Jewish People to Israel this Rosh Hashana

The Feast of Trumpets — A Veiled Mystery with Deep Meaning

A Special Word from Pastor Israel on the Mount of Olives – Part 1

Father’s Heart
Widow, Widowers and Orphans Relief Project

The Biblical Feast of Trumpets
Prophetic Road Signs of What is to Come

AWAKE Youth Conference
Preparing the next generation of Israeli leaders

Interceding for Israel from the Northern Border

Israel’s Future Leaders and Carriers of Revival

Israel-Gaza Cease Fire:
The Power of Your Prayers

A Conversation with Pastor Ari Sorko-Ram

First time to Israeli School
Last Chance to Help!

Believers Under Fire Praying for Gaza

Discipling the Youth
Raising Future Leaders

The Promises of God

Women’s Discipleship Conference in Ashdod, Israel

First Time to School in Israel

Summer for God Youth Discipleship Program 2022 Concludes

“And now I entrust you to God and the message of his grace…”

Back to school Project
when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will t ...

Summer for God
Discipling Israeli Youth

Ashkelon Congregation Update
Expanding the Kingdom of God

Carriers of Revival in Israel
Summer for God Youth Program

Preaching the Gospel of the Grace of God
the Calling of the Apostle Paul

Youth Discipleship Program
Creating Unforgettable Memories by Building Unbreakable ...

Peter in Caesarea
The Moment that changed History forever

What a ride!
Beit Hallel’s 17 year journey so far

Unfolding Biblical History from the Holy Land
Peter in Caesarea

First 17 Years of Ministry
What a Journey so far!

Arab and Jewish Family Camp in the Galilee
Strengthening the bond between believer ...

You are My flock…
God’s Gift of Belonging

“Therefore go and make disciples…”
Preparing for our next Discipleship Course!

When the Desert blossoms with Life

Worship from Beit Hallel – June 2022 – part 3

God carries you through — Devotional from Pastor Israel

Be the Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem

Worship from Beit Hallel – June 2022 – part 2

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news:
Post-Evangelism Discipleship

Worship from Beit Hallel – June 2022 – part 1

Jerusalem Conference
Israeli Believers uniting in Jerusalem to lift up the Name of ...

Preaching the Gospel in the Galilee

Help in a time of need
Uplifting Jewish families taking their first steps in Israel

Shavuot Devotional
Harvesting the Lord’s Blessings and Honoring Him through ...

The Promise behind Shavuot and the Power behind Pentecost

Celebrating 55 years of the Reunification of Jerusalem

Celebrating Ascension Day

Helping a Generation that lives on Borrowed Time

The Nations will Know the Name of the Lord!

From Dan to Beer Sheva – Celebrating Jesus in Jerusalem

Shavuot – Harvest of Souls to the Lord

From Ukraine to Israel: Ushering in the Ukrainian Aliyah!

How You are Helping Ukrainian Refugees: Tanya’s Testimony

Galilee Evangelism Outpouring

Fleeing Ukraine under Fire:
Supporting the Ukrainian Aliyah Today!

Counting the Days to Shavuot

An Open Heaven over Yafo and the Voice of the Lord

Fleeing the Ukrainian War with a Baby
A Young Mother’s Account

God’s Ongoing Restoration of Israel
Supporting Aliyah

I will make you fishers of men
Carrying the gospel in Israel this Pentecost season

Second Passover (פסח שני – Pesach Sheni)
The God of Second Chances

Jonah’s Disobedience vs God’s Mercy

Special Holocaust Survivors Event with Don Finto

Aliyah and the Ingathering of God’s People in Israel

Lessons from Jonah’s Disobedience

Shavuot Outreach Event — The Power of Pentecost

From Dry Bones to A Living Nation

Yom Hashoah
Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Southern Exodus
Ethiopian Jews returning to Israel

No Expiration Date on God’s Faithfulness

The Feast of Unleavened Bread with Pastor Israel Pochtar

Celebration of Pesach
Passover in the desert!

The Feast of Unleavened Bread in the Bible

Ukrainian Jews Celebrating their First-Ever Seder Pesach in the Wilderness!

Why is Passover connected to the Holy Week?

Going back to biblical roots of Passover

Northern Exodus during Passover
Welcoming back Jews from Ukraine

An Authentic Passover
Celebrating Seder in the Wilderness

Resisting the Spirit of Fear

Sitting at Yeshua’s Feet – praise report!

Desert Challenge
Passover Youth Camp

Leadership Training in the Galilee

Ukrainian Border Outreach Report with Pastor Israel

Sitting at Yeshua’s Feet – Israeli Pastors Retreat

The Hebrew month of Nisan
the true Jewish New Year according to the Bible

NEXT LEVEL – The Fire of Israeli Youth
Report from the youth conference

At the Ukraine Border with Pastor Israel – Part 3

At the Ukraine Border with Pastor Israel and our Team

King Solomon and Gezer
I have heard your Prayer

Thank You from Pastor Israel!

Impacting Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Pharaoh’s Daughter’s Dowry
Exploring the mysteries of the ancient biblical cit ...

The Crisis is Real – Help is Crucial

Celebrating Israel’s Miraculous Deliverance!

Pillars of Covenant
Devotional with Pastor Israel from Ancient Gezer

Evangelism Outreach in Nazareth:
Turning Pain into Purpose

The Power of Unity –
Pastor Israel shares from ancient Gezer in Israel

Shalom from Paphos, Cyprus – Acts 13

Purim – Season of Deliverance

For Such A Time As This – Raising an Esther-like generation

Perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this – Raising a priestl ...

Reflections from Israel’s Valley of Zin

Next Level 22: For such a time as this

Lessons from the Israeli Wilderness with Pastor Israel Pochtar

Next Level 22: Investing in the Future Leaders of Israel

The Desert and my City: A Special Message from Pastor Israel at the Dead Sea.

Fulfill prophecy by supporting the Ukrainian Aliyah

Powerful Lessons from the Dead Sea

Next Level 22: Investing in the Future Leaders of Israel

The Beautiful Biblical Site of Emmaus

Worship from Beit Hallel – February 2022 – part 2

Yeshua gave us the Great Commission. He said: “Go and make disciples…”

Dead Sea Devotional: Calling to Impact the Nations starts with our Children

Worship from Beit Hallel – February 2022 – part 1

The Joy of the Desert: The God of the Impossible can make the Desert flourish

When the message of salvation reaches Israelis again after 2000 years in Jerusalem

It’s Time for Reserve Duty!

Praying for a Miracle for our Shabbat Evangelism!

The Kingdom of Heaven is for the Poor in Spirit

The Shaking of this World: Earthquakes in Israel — רעש אדמה

When Foes become Friends

Worship from Beit Hallel – January 2022 – part 2

Which Sea do you See? Find out how well You know Israel!

The Power of Faith (emunah / אֱמוּנָה) in Our Lives

Worship from Beit Hallel – January 2022 – part 1

God’s move in Israel and its effect on the Nations

Beautiful Israel: The Wildlife of the Dead Sea

Our Israeli Youth are Praying for You!

Shmita — The Sabbatical Year of Rest

Preparing the next generation for Yeshua’s return

Tu BiShvat – Celebrating the planting of trees in Israel

Beautiful Israel: The Stunning Desert of Zin in Israel

The Power of the Word of God with Pastor Sasson Pochtar

Raising Up a Tabernacle in Israel amidst Covid-19

Eilat – Strategic Crossroad in the Middle-East

The Power to Forgive

Raising up a Tabernacle in the Midst of Covid-19

Huge “Tornadic” Waterspout off the Coast of Ashdod

Thank You from Pastor Israel

Happy New Year from Pastor Israel!

Trusting in the Lord in uncertain times — The Key to Overcoming

Israel – the Land of our Common Heritage

Christmas Praise Report: Celebrating the birth of the Jewish Messiah in Israel as it s ...

Celebrating Christmas for what it is – The Birth of the Jewish Messiah

Year-End Giving: Raising up a Tabernacle again in Israel

Who do You say I am?

Beautiful Israel: Discover the picturesque beauty of Caesarea Philippi

Bringing Christmas back to Israel – Restore the Israeli roots of Christmas

Reconciling and building unity between Jewish & Arab believers in Israel

Year-End Giving: Called to be a Blessing to Israel

Beautiful Israel: Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Israel

The Power of Love between Arab and Jewish Believers

Reigniting the knowledge of Christ this Christmas

Empowering the youth through spiritual authority – Haifa Youth Conference

Hanukkah – A Window of Opportunity for the Gospel

What did Yeshua teach in the Temple during Hanukkah

Men on a mission – Trailblazing for Yeshua

The Deeper Meaning of the Feast of Dedication

Giving Tuesday

Hanukkah – Yeshua Celebrated the Festival of Lights in Jerusalem

Hanukkah Project Preparations with Pastor Sasson and the Youth!

Being a Light During Hanukkah

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News…

Supernatural Provision at the Sea of Galilee

Gospel Outreach on the Shores of the Lake of Galilee

Shining God’s light where it is most needed

From the Hill of Jonah with Sasson Pochtar

Jewish-Arab Young Leaders Conference by the Red Sea

Gospel Outreach on the Shores of the Lake of Galilee: A Celebration of Salvation

Discover Tamar, the Ancient Fortress of King Solomon.

Shining God’s light where it is most needed – Hanukkah Relief Project

Jerusalem – Standing in the very Heart of God’s Eternal Promise

Full Circle as the Gospel Returns to the Galilee – Evangelism Outreach

Reclaiming your city by proclaiming it God’s city!

Claiming back the city of Ashkelon – Relaunching a Congregation

The Fields are White for Harvest

Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem

Atmosphere of Expectancy – Evangelism Event in Galilee

Resisting the spirit of fear with power , love and sound mind

The Importance of the Nations for Israel

A Father to the Fatherless: Our Widows and Orphans Project

Reaching the Nation of Israel with the Gospel

None of My words will be postponed any more

Intersession – A Powerful tool in the hands of God’s servants

Recognizing the times we’re living in

Transformative Power of Prayer Out of Zion

Transformative Journey of Peter – From small Galilean village to Rome

Next Generation of Torch Bearers in Israel – Youth Ministry Update

Video Devotional from Jerusalem

A Big Thank You from Pastor Israel

Captives in Christ’s Triumphal Procession

Worship from Beit Hallel – September 2021 – part 1

Simchat Torah — Joy in the Word of God

Being a Blessing to the Saints in Israel

The Biblical Feast of Sukkot in Israel – Part 5

The Biblical Feast of Sukkot in Israel – Part 4

Releasing God’s blessing on the Saints in Israel

The Biblical Feast of Sukkot in Israel – Part 2

Being a Blessing to the Saints in Israel during Sukkot

Prophetic fulfillment of Atonement Day according to the Bible

What Yom Kippur Looks Like in Israel

Day of Atonement — Yom Hakippurim

Reflecting God’s Character in Caring for Holocaust Survivors during Yom Kippur

Pastor Israel’s special greeting & message concluding the Feast of Trumpets.

Bless the prophetic return of the Jewish people to Israel!

Awake Youth Conference Praise Report

Storehouse of Blessings

Jewish and Arab Youth Leaders share their hearts from the Galilee

AWAKE TOGETHER – Covering the event with Prayers

The Culture of Bible Reading

AWAKE TOGETHER Youth Conference — ערים יחדיו

Supporting and Honoring Holocaust Survivors

Galilee — When a place of darkness produces the greatest light

Two Sons, One Father: The unity of Jewish and Arab Pastors in Israel

Defending the cause of the fatherless

Bearing Witness to God’s Ability to Produce Life from Death

Garden tomb — An Oasis of Peace

Worship from Beit Hallel – 30 July 2021 Part 2

Guy Pochtar Shares Why He Loves the Galilee

Worship from Beit Hallel – 30 July 2021 Part 3

Pastor Israel at the Lebanon Border

Worship from Beit Hallel – 30 July 2021 Part 2

Special Message from the Garden Tomb

Gabriel’s Testimony

Worship from Beit Hallel – 30 July 2021 Part 1

Eilat — Gold of King Solomon and King’s Red Sea project

Beit Hallel Youth in Jerusalem

Eilat — a Southern Gem in the middle of the Desert (Part 1)

Beit Hallel Worship – July 2021 Part 4

Beit Hallel Worship – July 2021 Part 3

Summer for God — Youth Discipleship

Tisha B’Av Teaching Series with Pastor Israel Pochtar

BH Humanitarian Work – July 2021

Beit Hallel Worship 10 July 2021 Part 2

Beit Hallel Worship 10 July 2021 Part 1

Pastor Israel visiting the Druze communities in the north of Israel.

A stunning volcanic lake on the slopes of Mount Hermon in Israel.

Galilee, a great place to share God’s love and shalom with each other, as Arab a ...

Sasson Pochtar’s testimony from the Jewish-Arab Reconciliation Conference at the Lak ...

Bible scriptures from Mount Hermon Mountain and the Tribe of Manasseh / Menashe / ‏ ...

Shalom from Hermon, the tallest mountain in Israel!

Looking out over the Sea of Galilee—Kinneret in Hebrew. כנרת

Ps Israel and Ps Saleem – One New Man in Yeshua

Pastor Israel at Church of St Gabriel in Nazareth

BH Men’s Conference Promo 2021

Beit Hallel Worship clip 3 – 25 06 21

Beit Hallel Worship clip 2 – 25 06 21

Beit Hallel Worship clip 1 – 25 06 21

Carriers of God’s Glory

Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue

Hebrew Praise & Worship from Beit Hallel Congregation 18 June 2021 Part 3

Hebrew Praise & Worship from Beit Hallel Congregation 18 June 2021 Part 2

Hebrew Praise & Worship from Beit Hallel Congregation 18 June 2021 Part 1

The Calling of Israel

Preparing the Harvest

Galilee Evangelism June 2021

Praying at the Knesset

Shabbat Shalom from Israel

God’s Goodness

“The Water of the Holy Spirit” – Pastor Israel Pochtar at ancient Ca ...

Serving Hope to Israelis affected by the Israel-Gaza War

Healing Our Scars – Impacting devotional with Pastor Israel Pochtar

Bringing Hope in Time of the War

Encouraging Cease-Fire Shabbat message from Pastor Israel

Soldier Benevolence Project with Pastor Sasson Pochtar

Israel Under Fire – Part2

Shavuot/Gaza War Feeding Project: Taking Care of The Hurting and the Poor

Video message with Pastor Israel Pochtar at the site of a direct missile hit from Gaza.

It is important to pray for Gaza! Can God do the miraculous?

Eye-opening video with Pastor Israel Pochtar on the current Israel-Gaza War here in Is ...

Gaza War | Pastor Israel Reports from His Bombshelter

Gaza War | Prayer for Reconciliation in Israel

Gaza War | Prayer Appeal for Protection

Gaza War | Ashdod Under Attack 3

Gaza War | Ashdod Under Attack 2

Gaza War | Ashdod Under Attack 1

Beit Hallel Shabbat Service Worship 7 May 2021

Shavuot: Understanding the Power of Pentecost Part 5

Shavuot: Understanding the Power of Pentecost Part 4

Beit Hallel Worship – Shabbat Service 23 April 2021

Youth Discipleship Camp 2021

Beit Hallel Shabbat Service Worship 16 April 2021

Pentecost/Shavuot Blessing Campaign

Essence of Passover Complete Series (Part 1-7)

Passover Evangelism 2021

The Feast of Unleavened Bread

The Essence of Passover – Part 6

Passover Seder in the Desert 2021

The Essence of Passover – Part 5

The Essence of Passover – Part 4

The Essence of Passover – Part 3

The Essence of Passover – Part 2

Hebrew Worship from Beit Hallel Worship (2)

The Essence of Passover Part 1

Passover Project 2021

Hebrew Worship from Beit Hallel Congregation

Pastor Israel shares about the prophetic significance of the blossoming almond trees i ...

Celebrating Purim!

Purim Message – Part 4

Purim Message – Part 3

Purim Message – Part 2

Purim Message – Part 1

Purim Project 2021

Forklift Thank You from Pastor Israel

Beit Hallel Discipleship New

Praying for Israel as Watchmen (Shomrim) on the Walls

Our Forklift Project

Holocaust Memorial Day

Beit Hallel Evangelism – New

Beit Hallel Humanitarian Projects – New

Shalom from the Sea of Galilee, in the region of the Gadarenes! Matthew 8:28-34

Supernatural Peace from the Galilee

Looking Back at 2020

Christmas blessing from Pastor Israel

Christmas with Beit Hallel

Hanukkah day 8

Hanukkah day 7

Hanukkah day 6

Hanukkah day 5

Hanukkah 2020 – Day 4

Hanukkah 2020 – Day 3

Hanukkah 2020 – Day 2

Hanukkah 2020 – Day 1

Pastor Israel in Modi’in – Countdown to Hanukkah

Christmas with Beit Hallel

Hanukkah with Beit Hallel

Devotional with Pastor Israel Pochtar: “Blessed is the man” – Part 2 ...

Devotional with Pastor Israel Pochtar: “Blessed is the man” – Part 1 ...

Feast of Tabernacles Part 6

Feast of Tabernacles Part 5

Feast of Tabernacles Part 4

Feast of Tabernacles with Pastor Israel – Part 3

Feast of Tabernacles with Pastor Israel – Part 2

Feast of Tabernacles with Pastor Israel – Part 1

Yom Kippur – The day when the heart of Israel turns to God in unison

Pastor Israel blesses you from Israel with the sound of the Shofar!

Releasing prayer for the nations from Jerusalem with the sound of the Shofar/ Trumpet!

Shabbat Shalom as we prepare for our open-air Shabbat service!

The Feast of Trumpets, a prophetic shadow of the return of Yeshua/Jesus!

Open the Door when Jesus knocks…

Releasing prayer for the nations from Jerusalem with the sound of the Shofar/ Trumpet!

The Feast of Trumpets – The Deeper Meaning to Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah Feast of Trumpets BH

Widows Project – Beit Hallel

The Glory of Jesus – Pastor Israel at Mt Tabor, Part 4

Ps Israel at Mount Tabor – Part 3: Rise up!

Shalom from Mt Tabor Part 2: Deborah the Judge

“Do You Feel Left Out?” – Pastor Israel from Mt. Tabor, Part 1 bei ...

Shalom from Migdal in the Galilee, the hometown of Mary Magdalene!

New Distribution Center – Beit Hallel

Pastor Israel on location at the biblical area of Zif.

At the biblical river of Lakhish and praying for you all! Joshua 15:1; 21, 46-47

Ps Israel at Capernaum – Cast Your Cares on Him!

Shalom from Galilee! שלום מהגליל What message did Yeshua preach here at the ...

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit teaches us all things – Ps Israel on location i ...

Pastor Israel sharing from the Lake of Galilee on Jesus calming the storm.

Message by Pastor Israel from a 1000 year-old light tower “Migdal Or / מגדל ...

Pastor Israel and the team are in ancient Shilo where the tabernacle stood.

Pray for the persecuted believers in Israel.

Building Update – June 2020

Shalom to Beit El, the site of Jacob’s amazing dream!

Pray for Persecuted Believers in Israel

Eilat is a resort city in the south of Israel, sharing borders with Jordan, Egypt  ...

Pastor Israel sharing a message from the stunning Israeli desert landscapes in the south.

Vision and the fulfilment of God’s promises in your life! Keep dreaming God’s givi ...

In Mark 11:12 Yeshua mentions the fig tree (Etz Te’ena / עץ תאנה) and He curse ...

We’re praying for you from the mountains of Jerusalem! מתפללים אבור ...

Shabbat Shalom from Israel! “Baruch ata Adonai.” What does it mean?

Shalom from Israel! A few words about our traditional evening prayer! “Tfilat Ar ...

Today’s message is about the joy of the Lord!

Fresh meals on wheels – an innovative project to get involved with!

Shalom from the Land of Genesis – Harvest time in Israel! Harvest – Katzir ...

9 days until the feast of Shavuot / Pentecost! חג שבועת Chag Shavuot

Pastor Israel Pochtar sharing from Jerusalem

Pastor Israel coming to you from the beautiful Galilee!

”Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies”

Welcome to Beit Hallel Israel!

May 14th, 1948….”“Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things?

The Glory of God – Ha Kavod shel Elohim

A mothers day blessing from Israel ??! ברכות ליום האם

From the mountains of Judah, in the land of the Bible! Pastor Israel shares on the Pow ...

Shabbat Service 8 /5/2020: “What is second Pesach / Passover? Is it in the Bible ...

Pastor Israel shares on Vision

On location in Jerusalem, Ps Israel shares a powerful message on Hab.2:1

Blessed to be a Blessing!

Shabat Shalom from Israel! שבת שלום מישראל

Ps Israel shares on Israel Independence Day, Isaiah 60, and the fulfilment of prophecies.

Shalom from Jerusalem! שלום מירושלים!

Out of the ashes of the Holocaust

The Hill of the prophet Jonah

Pastor Israel shares a special Word, talks about ancient Ashdod, and more!

Saturday in Israel is a day when we great each other saying ”Shabat Shalom”!

Beit Hallel Shabat Service April 17th

Final Moments of this season of the the Spring Biblical feasts!

Shabat Service with Pastor Israel – April 10th 2020

More on Feast of Unleavened Bread, Resurrection Day, and Feast of Firstfruits

Humanitarian Update from Ps Israel during COVID 19

Pastor Israel encourages from 1 Peter 5:10-11

“… you shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the pries ...

Pastor Israel discusses some important points on Passover.

Happy Passover from Pastor Israel!

Shabat Shalom and have a blessed Feast of Unleavened Bread!

Ps Israel Pochtar shares on Passover and COVID 19

Ps Israel Update at COVID 19 lockdown commences

6 days to Passover

Pastor Israel from Jerusalem Mamilla during COVID 19

Ps Israel and BH team mobilising aid during COVID 19

Ps Israel from Jerusalem during COVID 19

9 Days to Passover

7 Days until Passover! – A Word from Ps Israel

Beit Hallel Family Course

“This is what I covenanted with you…” Haggai 2:5 — Word from t ...

Humanitarian Outreach during lockdown

Beit Hallel Overview

Women’s Conference 2020 Part 1

Meat Men’s Conference 2019

Women’s Conference 2020 Part 2

Awake Youth Conference Part 1

Galilee Evangelism 2020

Awake Youth Conference Part 2

From the heartland of Israel – Message from the Pastor

Turkey Vlog (part 2) – Ps. Ismail’s Testimony

Turkey Vlog (part 1) – Ps. Israel

Persecution against Beit Hallel Congregation

The Orthodox praying outside our building

Reconciliation Conference – Istanbul, Turkey (day 1)

Visit Israel

Beit Hallel Ministry Overview

Beit Hallel Holocaust Survivors Project

Beit Hallel is a Messianic Jewish congregation in Ashdod, led by pastor Israel Pochtar, serving holocaust survivors and the poor and needy locally and throughout the nation of Israel, while building up the body of Messiah in the promised land of Israel.