Mila’s Testimony

Our follow-up team recently met with a dear elderly lady, called Mila at the behest of her close friend Sveta, who is a passionate believer and a member of the Beit Hallel congregation.

The first time we met with Mila, we just spent time together and listened as she shared stories from her life, from the days of her husband, Yuri, being a child prisoner in a concentration camp, to her own traumatic experiences during World War II. She also shared how challenging it was to have lost her husband recently after many years of marriage.

To this day Mila would fear when she heard an airplane overhead, due to the horrors of war she had witnessed as a child. She did mention though that she always felt God had protected her and her family, despite not having been a believer.

During our second and most recent visit to Mila, we asked if we could share our personal testimonies and the Gospel message with her, to which she gladly agreed. 

As we shared, Mila listened and asked many questions about faith in Yeshua, about the Gospel, and about the way to salvation. We spoke freely and enjoyed our time together, and we felt that the Spirit was present and that there weren’t any obstacles or attacks in the spiritual realm as we spoke. As we were wrapping up our conversation, Mila proclaimed that she felt her time had come to be united with the Lord, and so we continued in our blessed fellowship and led Mila in the prayer of salvation.

Mila prayed passionately and honestly, and received Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, as her Lord and Savior.

After we prayed there were tears of joy and peace flowing down Mila’s face. This dear lady had come home to the Lord, and He would forever hold and comfort her in His arms of love.