Mira’s Testimony

The first time we met Mira was when she came to visit us at our Ashkelon humanitarian center to receive aid in the form of food, clothing, appliances etc. We sat down with Mira for some coffee and just began chatting about things in general, and about how she was adapting to life in Israel as a new Jewish immigrant. 

We shared our stories, upon which Mira started asking deeper questions about who we are as an organization and why we do what we do. We shared our hearts with her, and of how the love of Yeshua compels us to do good unto those in need, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

And so we shared about our faith in God, our personal journeys with Him, and how we had come to salvation in Yeshua. One of the ladies on our follow-up team also shared a personal story with Mira, about how she had moved to Israel, and about how God had helped her get established in Israel. As we spoke with Mira, we felt the Spirit move, and the atmosphere changed. We knew God was present. 

Mira had not heard about Yeshua and God to this extent before, and she was visibly touched as she heard the Gospel message of salvation. Mira asked if we could pray for her, to which we gladly agreed. We prayed for her needs and blessed her in the name of Yeshua. We also presented her with a Bible and some great books on living a life of faith in Yeshua. 

At the end of our meeting we asked Mira if she had a desire to be saved and to know Yeshua personally. Mira nodded and voiced her agreement, and said that she would very much like to be born again. And so our team led Mira in the prayer of salvation, and as we prayed, many of us had tears of peace and joy in our eyes. Mira seemed like a new creation afterwards, with peace and relief flooding her features. 

We agreed to stay in close communication and to walk alongside Mira as she started this new journey with Yeshua. We would often speak and pray by phone, and per our invitation, Mira also started attending our congregational meetings on Shabbat. We also invited Mira to slot into one of our local home groups, for which she was very glad. We’re so happy that Mira found the Messiah of Israel, and is walking out her calling in God, even as she’s finding her feet in her new homeland of Israel.