Nataly’s Testimony

Nataly is a single mother with three children, who are in a special state-sponsored program for women who come from abusive relationships. Reaching out and providing aid to single mothers and widows remain a very important focus at Beit Hallel. As such we came into contact with Nataly through our food distribution project. It’s never an easy thing to admit that you require humanitarian support, but single mothers have their children to take care of and will do what needs to be done to take care of them.

Shortly after the Israel-Hamas war broke out, we started providing families in need with hot meals, as there were just so many people in dire need of help in our cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon. Nataly was one of those people who came to us, as she had been referred by friends who had also received aid through Beit Hallel’s humanitarian initiatives. They all had wonderful feedback about their experience with us and encouraged her to make contact.

In addition to providing meals to her and her family, we also provided Nataly and her family with various other forms of support, like food baskets, clothes, household items, etc. Nataly was extremely thankful and told us that our help enabled her to cover other essentials like rent and bills for their apartment. It was incredibly touching to see Nataly’s fierce dedication to her children, and placing their needs above her own.

A mother’s love and strength are testimony to the beautiful and nurturing nature that God invested in women when He created them.

After our most recent meeting with Nataly, we enjoyed some time together just sharing stories of our children over a cup of tea. Nataly expressed her appreciation for all the help that she had received from Beit Hallel. It warmed our hearts to hear this dear woman’s words of appreciation, and we told her that we did it gladly and that we would keep on being there for her and help her with her needs. This brought tears to Nataly’s eyes, as well as a big smile to her face. We invited Nataly and her children to our year-end Christmas celebration, for which she was very grateful, but she admitted that she wanted to think about it first.

After our meeting with Nataly, our team members kept Nataly in their prayers, and not long afterward we were surprised to receive a call from Nataly, expressing her desire to attend our Christmas celebration with her children. We were just so happy to hear that because we wanted Nataly to experience the warm fellowship at Beit Hallel, and to meet other ladies who went through similar challenges as she did.

Nataly and her children ended up having a wonderful time at our Christmas celebration, learning more about how their Jewish roots connect them to Christmas and the birth of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel. Amen!