New Relief Project for Ukrainian Refugees and New Immigrants

The recent events in Ukraine have been very disturbing and most have seen the terrible images on the news of the latest developments there.

In the last few days we’ve seen the tragic images of the massive destruction in Donetsk, one of the largest cities in Ukraine that is now in the heart of the ongoing bloody conflict between the military and the separatists. The airport was targeted and was completely destroyed.

People are fleeing with their families and small children, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. One of our associate pastor’s dear childhood friend shared how he had to take his children and flee from Donetsk in the middle of the night when bombing started.

The situation is very crucial right now and left many refugees fleeing Ukraine and seeking asylum in Israel.

A massive wave of Aliya began as many Jews started leaving everything behind and coming to Israel, some with permits, while others simply came in hopes of sorting out their papers once here.
Currently there are approximately 50000 Ukrainian Jewish refugees in Israel. Their situation is very difficult here, arriving with nothing, no job, with no help.

We’ve seen a tremendous need in helping these families and have started a humanitarian relief project for new Immigrants & refugees.

So far, we’ve been able to raise enough funds to carry out the first project and help 100 families. We’re looking to not only continue such an important project, but to expand it and help as many families as possible while they are struggling during their first days in Israel, many of whom do not receive any assistance yet from the government because of their undefined status.

A few days ago I had the chance to meet with minister of Aliya and absorption, Sophia Landver, who acknowledged and whole heartedly expressed her gratitude for our contributing and work we are doing with new immigrants.

Our only wish is to be able to do more. Which is why we need YOU.

You can become a part of this amazing outreach and help us feed, clothe and provide basic essentials for these families, many of whom have fled a terrible war zone leaving everything they had behind.

Any gift or contribution, even as little as $20 is great blessings and is able to provide a food basket. Larger gifts can assist in putting together a basket with essentials such as utensils/winter blanket, etc.

Would you help us bless these precious families?