Olga’s Story

Olga's story

Olga recently immigrated to Israel from Russia with her husband and three children. Their move to Israel took place very fast, and proved very difficult for them. We met them at one of our humanitarian projects and invited them to attend our Alpha Course which was about to kick off.

We also invited them to visit a local home group in their area, to which they gladly agreed. They had such a wonderful time at the home group and grew in their knowledge of Jesus, so much so that Olga also started helping as a volunteer at our congregation.

During one of the home group meetings, Olga shared that it had always seemed to her that God was with her, but she didn’t know anything about Him and she had never read the Bible before. Olga testified that ever since she had started attending the home group and congregational meetings, that she experienced God’s love in her heart — something that cannot be expressed in words.

After her very first meeting at Beit Hallel, she had told herself that she wanted to return, get involved and do everything in her power to learn more about God. She said that the greatest thing in her life was the moment she gave her life to Jesus and was born again!