Calling of Israel Congregation, Ramle

“Calling of Israel” Congregation was established in 2007 in the city of Ramle. When pastor Israel received the vision about planting new congregations in the southern region of Israel, Ramle was one of those cities because of their biblical relation to the tribe of Judah. 

Initially, Ramle’s group consisted of a few people who were attending services in Ashdod, until God placed it on the pastor’s heart to start a congregation in Ramle. Pastor Ariel and Karen felt called to pastor that congregation, and they moved to officially launch the very first Jewish messianic congregation in 2000 years in Ramle-Lod. Beit Hallel Congregation in Ashdod has been actively involved and supporting this important work of “Calling of God” Congregation. 

From the moment it was founded, the congregation has been actively involved in preaching the gospel and evangelizing. The main focus God showed us for Ramle-Lod was social work. With so many single mothers, Holocaust survivors, senior citizens and immigrants in the city, it became clear we need to serve the needs of our community. Main goal is and has been: distributing food and care packages to families in need, supplying used furniture and house supplies, organizing special excursions for new immigrants, Shabbat services and disciplining training courses. An additional focus is on helping cancer patients with house visits and praying with them. 

Our vision and goals include developing youth work in our community, organizing seminars and training for both believers and nonbelievers, developing a study center for equipping believers, and helping them find their calling in God. Our prayer is for our team as well as released leaders who will build and develop different areas of ministry.