Planting a congregation in Ashkelon

Despite the darkness that oftentimes surrounds us and tries to stop God’s work, His grace is always sufficient and it empowers us to move forward as Yeshua guides our path. So even in the midst of waves of persecutions, God has given us the “green light” to go ahead and plant a new congregation in the city of Ashkelon.

His grace is always sufficient and it empowers us to move forward as Yeshua guides our path; this regardless the darkness that tries to stop God’s work. In the midst of waves of persecutions God has given us the “green light” to start a new Messianic Jewish congregation.

We are currently already renting a small space in Ashkelon as a base for our services and meetings. Until now the believers in Ashkelon gathered there regularly for home group meetings and Bible studies, but the location has not been a proper gathering place for congregational services.

We are now prioritizing funds for the rent of a larger multifunctional facility. In this place we can then properly run a congregation, as well as conduct leadership courses, Bible school, and discipleship seminars.

If you feel God is prompting you to get involved and help us with this important task of planting a new congregation in another city in Israel, it will be a tremendous help regardless of the size of your donation.

Ashkelon is a coastal city about 8 miles away from Gaza. It constantly finds itself under rocket fire whenever there’s an escalation along the border. It was one of five Philistine city-states (along with Gath, Gaza, Ekron and Ashdod). The city also played a role in biblical history as the place where Delilah cut Samson’s hair to sap his strength.

For a brief moment in history, Ashkelon was a Christian city during the Byzantine period. It’s very rich in history, but most importantly, we believe in its future and know that God is leading us to plant a new congregation in the city, help people in need, spread the Gospel and advance His Kingdom in the city of Ashkelon. Would you consider being a part of it? Through prayer or financial support, please help us carry out God’s vision for the city of Ashkelon.

To partner with us in this crucial project of planting a congregation in Ashkelon, please follow the links below:

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Much love and blessings,
Pastor Israel Pochtar

Beit Hallel is a Messianic Jewish congregation in Ashdod, led by pastor Israel Pochtar, serving holocaust survivors and the poor and needy locally and throughout the nation of Israel, while building up the body of Messiah in the promised land of Israel.