Widows & Orphans relief

Widows & Orphans Relief Project

Coming face to face with so many widows, especially young ones, who are raising small children who are “fatherless”, we have seen the urgent need to start a project specifically for them.

During these uncertain times when the effects of the Covid crisis are so deeply devastating among the most vulnerable, we felt led to make a concerted effort to alleviate the challenges that these dear ones are facing and to help them lead better quality lives through intentional and consistent humanitarian support.

Our Widows and Orphans Relief Project is built around the help and relief that we can provide them with—wether it’s care packages for the kids, food hampers, clothing, bedding, furniture, or even something as simple as yogurts for the kids. We’ve seen that there are no small gifts, and no help goes unnoticed or unthanked.

See their faces… hear their words… These are the ones you are helping and upholding through your generous support during these distressing times.

Thank You for making a difference in their lives!