Outreach to Jerusalem – Called to Care

Speak comfort to Jerusalem…

Isaiah 40:2 

Being called to minister in Jerusalem in any capacity is realizing God is entrusting you with something significant because usually He is very selective when it comes to His holy city. When you get a calling to serve and minister in Jerusalem, rest assured, it isn’t coincidental, but because of God’s purposes and plans. 

Since launching our humanitarian outreach project in Jerusalem a few weeks ago, we have seen it grow tremendously. The need is there and it is evident. Recently 23 additional families have contacted us asking if we could also extend our help to them. With well over 50 families in just a few weeks, we’ve reached the point where we had to look for a facility to rent, which will serve as a hub for our Jerusalem outreach. 

That would mean an additional monthly cost of two thousand (2000) US dollars that we would have to invest to keep our Jerusalem outreach going strong. This is an opportunity for you to join hands with us and to monthly support our humanitarian ministry initiative in Jerusalem to potentially reach thousands with the love of God. Together we can see God’s plans come to fruition in Jerusalem.