Ministry Overview

Beit Hallel Congregation is a vibrant and dynamic ministry focused on preaching the Gospel to the people of Israel; raising and equipping leaders and pastors through effective and dynamic discipleship and leadership training; and planting and cultivating new congregations in Israel.

The prophetic scripture that God gave us at the start and that has formed the foundation for the work of Voice of Judah Israel is found in Isaiah 40:9 – “You who bring good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain. You who bring good news to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with a shout, lift it up, do not be afraid; say to the towns of Judah, “Here is your God!“, and that has indeed been our driving force – to bring the Gospel of our Messiah, Jesus, to the people of Israel.

Since the beginning, our passion has always been to reveal God’s love to Israelis, to bring lasting change in the lives of our communities, to restore dignity to those who are downcast, and to meet the spiritual needs of all those who come to us for help. For this very reason we endured much persecution and opposition in the early years preceding our breakthrough as a ministry and significant congregational growth!

The Orthodox Jewish community regularly organized big demonstrations against us, proclaimed curses over us, and offered us intimidation and ridicule. They even went as far as to distribute posters throughout our city of Pastor Israel Pochtar and his wife Vicky, as well as their home address, in order to threaten their safety and to warn people away from them and from their ministry. However, the Lord used this period of intense persecution to bring even more people to salvation and to firmly establish us as a relevant and impacting voice in the heartland of Israel, bringing hope and aid to those in spiritual need.

As the ministry grew over the years, five additional congregations were established in southern Israel and Voice of Judah Israel currently oversees six local Israeli congregations. We recently had the privilege to establish another congregation in the large Israeli city of Rishon leZion. This was a tremendous breakthrough seeing that we’ve been praying for this city for many years and for a congregation to be established there. Hallelujah!

On a monthly basis we conduct extensive Gospel outreach events to reach the lost with the Gospel of our Messiah Jesus. Our passionate team of evangelists, musicians and ushers work together to create a wonderfully anointed and festive environment for the people whom attend our outreaches. As the Gospel gets preached during these outreaches, people really open up to the Word being delivered to them. The message of the Gospel visibly touches people every time and we always witness amazing responses from the people as they stand to pray the Sinner’s Prayer and to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

We see the Lord doing a deep work in the hearts of these dear ones, and often as our prayer teams lay hands on the people, many get healed and testify of sickness and pain leaving their bodies. We continuously see how God starts His amazing work in their hearts and lives at these events, and we know He will also finish it!  At the conclusion of our Gospel outreaches, we press on with follow-up work and discipleship through the ALPHA discipleship course to equip and strengthen new believers in their new walk with Messiah!

Beit Hallel Congregation is always looking for ways to become even more relevant and effective in Israeli society as a body of believers and as a ministry, and to expand our reach to touch the lives of many more Israelis in need. The prayers and financial contributions of our precious partners and friends enable us to achieve all these goals, and with their continued help we will be able to help more and more Israelis in need, all to the glory of God!