We believe that God has called us to build bridges between Israel and the nations, and to establish channels of provision through which to aid and uplift the needy, vulnerable and broken among Israeli society. Partnership forms the foundation of that vision, and your gracious financial support enables us to provide food, clothes, household items, and appliances to those in need.

Through partnering with Beit Hallel Israel, you are taking hands with us and allowing Your love, passion, and heart for the people of Israel to impact upon Israeli society through our various dynamic projects. The Israelis whom we reach through our humanitarian work are always deeply touched and often weep tears of joy when they hear of the love and support of our partners from all over the world.

Beit Hallel Israel conducts a variety of dynamic projects aimed at reaching needy Israelis from the different strata of Israeli society, be they orphans, single mothers, widows, or Holocaust survivors. We are working closely with local municipalities and have established ourselves as a reliable and legitimate voice in our communities.

More and more people are being reached on a weekly basis, and we are continuously looking for ways to expand our projects and become even more effective at identifying and reaching individuals and groups in need. That’s where partnership plays a critical role!

Through the donations and support of our partners, we are enabled to recruit more workers and invest more resources into our humanitarian projects, which has an immediate impact upon our reach and effectiveness among the poor and needy of Israel.

Among our projects are the following:

  • Ukrainian Refugee Starter Kits Project
  • New Immigrant Humanitarian Project
  • Widows and Orphans Humanitarian Project
  • Back-to-School Humanitarian Project
  • Holocaust Survivors Humanitarian Project
  • Weekly Food and Clothing Distribution Projects

Our partners are helping the nation of Israel and are making a tremendous impact on the lives of impoverished, needy and desperate people in Israel. Every donation and gift is a powerful seed sown into the fertile soil which is Israel.

On behalf of Beit Hallel Israel, I want to thank you for helping us make a positive difference. Your love and support encourage us tremendously in our continued commitment to bless the poor and needy in Israel.

No gift is ever too small! The biggest trees grow from the smallest seeds.