Passover Praise Report!

It is my pleasure to present you with this praise report of our recent Passover humanitarian projects! It was a joyful and blessed time of celebration, fellowship and needs being met. Thanks to the generous support of our friends and partners, we had the wonderful privilege to conduct four different projects over Passover. Here follows more details of these impacting events!


Passover “Seder” Meal Project:

We invited more than 500 needy people to share a traditional Passover “Seder” meal with us at Beit Hallel Congregation. It was such a lovely event and Pastor Israel was able to teach on the meaning of Passover,God’s deliverance of the nation of Israel from Egypt, and the significance of the Passover meal.

We also pleasantly surprised all those in attendance with a live music concert which everybody thoroughly enjoyed! Afterwards everybody was blessed with large food hampers containing much-needed food items, as well as ingredients to celebrate their own Passover Seder meal at home.

We encouraged everybody and showed them the love of God. They were filled with hope and joy as we blessed them with provisions and extended our hands in friendship, assuring them that God and the believers are there to comfort and help them. The atmosphere was joyful and many hearts were touched. Thanks to all who donated so generously to make this event happen!


Passover Food Hamper Project:

We also conducted an additional Passover celebration where we blessed more than 300 people with large food hampers containing non-perishable food items. Once again we had a lovely musical performance that blessed all in attendance, and the atmosphere was lively and joyous!.

Pastor Israel delivered a powerful message on the significance of Passover, and encouraged everybody. Many people had tears in their eyes and were deeply touched when they heard the message and saw how much believers cared about their welfare and their individual struggles in Israel. Thank you very much partners!


Passover Kids Project:

The Passover Kids Project was so much fun! More than 200 children were in attendance with their parents, and the smiles on their faces proved that they were having an amazing time! We blessed them with a wonderful kids show with professional performers who performed, sang, danced, told stories, made balloon animals and much morefor the children!

The children were so excited and happy! Afterwards all the children received candy and toy hampers to celebrate Pesach. They were so thankful, and our hearts were moved to see their joy! We thank our partners for their donations that enabled us to host this event. Thanks you!



Passover New Immigrant Project:

During Passover we had the privilege to bless more than 120 new immigrant families with good quality clothes and shoes from our distribution center. Most of these new immigrants come to Israel with very little money and few possessions, and they certainly need all the help they can get. It is such a joy to be able to provide their needs through the generosity of our friends and partners.

We also make sure to tell them that there are believers from all over the world who love them and are donating funds to help them. They felt so encouraged and happy to be in touch with us. Even though they know we’re believers they love being with us, and they are always excited to return for future projects!


I would like to thank every one of Voice of Judah Israel’s dear friends and partners! Your prayers and financial support allow us to press on with the work of the Lord in Israel, conducting impacting humanitarian and outreach projects. Through your help we can reach out and help the poor, needy and destitute ones, and prepare the land of Israel for revival and the great end-time harvest!

Please continue praying for our ongoing projects and work as we reach out to the poor and needy, raising leaders and planting new congregations:

• Evangelism
• Home Groups
• ALEPH course for seekers and new believers
• Discipleship
• Humanitarian outreach
• Two main services which we now hold every Friday night, due to our congregation growing so much (plus the challenges that come with that)