Pastor Ariel from Eilat and his wife- update

In previous news updates we shared with you about the difficult situation Ariel and his family were facing when Ariel’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and it appeared to be very serious.

They’ve been struggling and pushing forward, leading their congregation faithfully, whole she had to quit her job and travel long distances very frequently to get treatments. It’s been challenging and the road still ahead of them will require more strength and faith on their part.

She has been getting chemotherapy and it seems her condition is improving, something they are very grateful for, since they also have two small children that need their mother. Please keep praying for this precious family while they continue this journey of standing strong in faith.

Your willingness to help this family by blessings them has been such a big answer to their prayers as they’ve been struggling financially trying to afford the wife’s frequent trips to the hospital and treatments, while also trying to provide for the family’s needs.

When you give to help such a family, you’re becoming an answer to their prayers, and there’s nothing more wonderful for us to be than God’s answer to someone’s prayer.