Pastor Israel’s family – update

We never realize how fast time flies until we see how big our children are. Not too long ago I had the honor of giving away my niece at her weeding.

And a few weeks ago I became (sort of) a grandfather when my niece gave birth to a baby boy! Time is felt even more strongly since it’s my younger sister’s daughter that had a baby.

It’s such a joy to see our family expanding and growing, and also makes you feel the effects of time. We’re not the young inexperienced couple we were a few years ago, we do feel more settled and mature in many ways, and we feel very blessed to see our children grow into strong individuals, making their way in this world, building their lives.

And as time goes by, we feel privileged and blessed by the work of the ministry God has given us; to see the growth and the impact of Voice of Judah Israel. We can’t help but get excited about the amazing things ahead for us as a family, as well as for our ministry. And we are grateful we can share this journey with you!