Pochtar Family Update

It’s been a while since I shared our personal family update, and time flies by so quickly. We’re often

so caught up in the fast pace of life, that I actually want to take a moment and thank you from the

bottom of my heart for all your love, support and prayers not only for Voice of Judah Israel, but also

for my family in particular.

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As a father and a husband, I know my God-given responsibility towards my family and their

wellbeing first and foremost. Which is why I love taking this moment to share with you on what’s

been happening in our family, as well as our ministry.

It feels like only yesterday Vicky and I were two kids fresh out of Bible School, married with a

newborn baby, starting a brand new adventure with the Lord. Little did we know a little over 20

years ago the journey He will take us on and the adventures the Lord prepared for us.

Going through so many challenges, obstacles, ups and downs of life, we know for certain God has

been faithful through it all, never letting go of our hand and guiding us through the maze of life.

He has entrusted us with much, and by His grace we aim to stay true to our calling, reminding

faithful to Him as He has been to us.

Fast forward 22 years later…

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This year has been action-packed and so many things have been going on.

Our eldest, Sasson finished his army service and went away for a year to Sweden, to study at a

Bible School. It was a very important year for him, since it was his first time being away from home,

living and studying in a different country. It was also particularly hard for Vicky, having to see her

oldest child leave home and move to a different country for a season. But we were grateful at the

opportunity and we see how this season really shaped him into the man he is today. Coming back

from Bible School he received a call to ministry and is now working with our youth as a youth

leader, as well as leading youth worship.

Last month also marked a very special date for him, when he proposed to a wonderful girl Sophie,

who practically grew up in our congregation, and whom we know and love as a daughter. They are

now happily engaged! Vicky and I couldn’t be happier to see their joy.

My daughter Moriel (20 years old), has just finished her own military service a few weeks ago and

is very excited about her own journey ahead. This September she will be going to U.S. to attend a

Bible school with focus on leadership. She really wants to find her own calling in life and is really

thankful for this opportunity. She’s very passionate about children’s ministry as well as music and

worship. I know this upcoming year will also be very important for her in discovering her own path

in God.

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Our youngest, Guy (12 years old) is just the happiest boy ever. Such a precious and gentle soul,

loves God with all his heart, loves people and of course as most kids his age… he loves to play

sports! Particularly basketball. He gives us so much joy!

And so the kids grow up fast, before we know it, Vicky and I will be on our own again, with the kids

living their lives and us enjoying to be newlyweds again. 🙂

We try to cherish every moment we have with the kids and with each other, we know how precious

these moments are and they enrich us tremendously.

I love my family and it humbles me to see what God has done for us over the years. Can’t wait to

see what the future holds! With Yeshua the future is always very exciting!