Powerful Healing & Salvation Testimonies

Ever since we started our Gospel Tours project, where we are taking a group on tour of biblical sites and share the gospel with them from the scriptures in the very places where history comes alive in such a real way, we have seen an overwhelming response from people who have been with us on these tours, as well as those who wish to join us.

This unique project has become one of the most powerful tools in evangelism and outreach, and we have seen amazing fruit of healing and salvation, as well as growth in our congregation. One of the more powerful testimonies comes from a family of new immigrants who came into the country 6 months ago due to the husband’s illness.

Back in Minsk, Belarus, he was diagnosed with stage 4 skin cancer. Radislav’s condition was so severe due to his cancer metastasizing, the doctors back in Belarus actually told him he had only 6 more moths to live and he should try going to Israel where doctors might be able to help him.

When they moved to Israel and were visiting the Dead Sea, they came across a woman (who happens to be our administrator’s mother), and she started telling them about our tours and how great it would be for them to go on one and see places they never will otherwise.

During the tour of Jerusalem, Radislav and his wife, Larissa, had a chance to hear the gospel. The experience of walking in the same places where Yeshua walked and hearing the words he spoke, left them deeply touched. There was no denying something very powerful and real was happening to them, as they received the Lord into their hearts right there on the tour bus!

This precious family started regularly attending our weekly services and the congregation started praying for his healing. After two months of prayers he went back to his doctors to run some tests, which to their amazement came back clear of all traces of cancer.

Back in Belarus, Radislav was told that he has 6 months to live, and unless he went to Israel and tries a treatment there, there is no real hope for his survival.

It turned out to be true: his hope was in here in Israel, where Radislav met Yeshua and the only medical treatment he needed was the Lord’s healing touch.

Another powerful testimony is of an 85-year old lady, who was severely injured in an accident and couldn’t walk by herself without her walker. While on tour we prayed for her legs and she received immediate healing right there on the tour bus.

These Gospel Tours have been an amazing outreach tool through which over one thousand people had a chance to hear the gospel from us, many testified to being touched and healed, while many also received Yeshua and started attending our congregation. We started a new home group consisting solely of people who got saved on our tours.