Praise Report! Christmas Humanitarian Projects

Our Christmas and Hanukkah humanitarian projects were a huge success and a time of blessing and joy! We thank you so much for your generosity, your love, and your prayers that made these projects possible. We couldn’t do it without partners and friends like you, Iliya! Thank you so much!

The Heater and Blanket project:

We were privileged to provide electric heaters and blankets to more than 300 families over the Christmas and New Year’s period. These precious families consisted mainly of new Jewish immigrants and refugees from the Ukraine.

This very important project was concluded this past Sunday with a large meeting where Pastor Israel shared his heart and encouraged these brave souls who came to Israel to start their new lives. We also had the honor of having a member of the Israeli Parliament (The Knesset) who came to welcome these new immigrants to Israel and to convey the Israeli Government’s thanks and appreciation to them. We also had a special music concert which was enjoyed by everyone present!

The people were so touched and some even cried about the love and care that they received. Seeing that it’s winter and very cold now in Israel, they were very thankful for the heaters and blankets. We shared with them how much we and our partners care about them, and that we are honored to help them!

The Hanukkah Project:

For our Hanukkah Project, we hosted approximately 350 non-believer families to a very special gathering to celebrate this precious Jewish festival of lights. All the families received food parcels containing non-perishable products, and the children were treated with Hanukkah gifts.

We had our youth leaders Vasily and Sasson dressed up as clowns, and they entertained the kids to their great delight! The atmosphere was warm, joyful and happy! A true festival of lights!

For many of these families it was their first ever festival in Israel. They were very touched to have been invited to celebrate with us, and to receive so much attention and much-needed food parcels and gifts. We lit the Hanukah candles together and it was an amazing evening!

The Christmas Project:

We had the honor of hosting 250 non-believers to our Christmas celebration. It’s very important to us at Voice of Judah Israel to invite as many non-believers as possible to these events, so that they may experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ and to receive from God’s Word.

We had a nativity scene, portraying the birth of Jesus Christ, which was built and assembled by our energetic youth team. Many of those in attendance witnessed and understood the reality and event of Christ’s birth for the very first time! They were also able to see the connection to the land of Israel. It became very real to them that it all took place here in Israel, and that it wasn’t a foreign concept.

People were so touched by the atmosphere that many were in tears. They felt cared and loved for when they saw the details with which everything was prepared. We are the only congregation in the city of Ashdod that celebrate a Messianic Christmas and the birth of a Jewish Messiah in the land of Israel.

For Christmas we blessed the kids with special Christmas gifts containing a variety of candies and treats. They were so excited and happy! We also had a beautiful musical concert with a professional violinists that created a cheerful and festive Christmas atmosphere.

It was a real Jewish celebration of the birth of Christ that meant so much to so many people who have never heard the Gospel message before.

The donations that we receive from our Partners like you, Iliya, enable us to continue faithfully with God’s call to comfort and care for the needy people of Israel. On behalf of every person whom you’ve helped through Voice of Judah Israel, we’d like to say THANK YOU! You make a huge difference!