Prayer for Naomi

We wanted to share with you an important prayer request for a dear family that is a part of our pastoral team.

Naomi and Igor have been leading family ministry for quite some time, helping disciple and guide so many couples both to the Lord and in building godly marriages and families.

This wonderful couple have a beautiful large family, and are an important part of our congregation.

Sadly Naomi was diagnosed recently with colon cancer, and despite what this battle entails, we are confident in God’s unfailing Word and promises.

Naomi shares her story and request in her own words:

“The last two months of corona haven’t been easy for anyone but for us they’ve been particularly difficult.

I came back to Israel from a lovely holiday in the UK seeing family, celebrating my youngest brother’s wedding and running a half marathon to raise money for The Royal Marsden, a cancer hospital.

The first week I was back I gradually noticed some problems with my health, pain in my back making it almost impossible to sleep, then a swelling on my neck. Our doctor sent me to do some tests and a few days later we were in a Tel Aviv Hospital in their cancer department trying to grasp what the doctor was saying that I have cancer of the colon which has spread around my body.

I’ve now had a port, a catheter put in and am preparing for chemotherapy which will begin next Monday. Igor and myself are praying, reading the word and seeking God’s face at this incredibly difficult time.

A big thank you to everyone who we’ve managed to tell and has blessed us in the most amazing ways. For those who are reading about this for the first time please join us in prayer for total healing and restoration for me and for support for our kids and for my amazing husband Igor.

We know that God is a Good Good Father and has a good plan for our lives. Feel free to share this with anyone who knows me and our family and has a heart to pray.“

Naomi is an amazing woman of God, who is now facing a tremendous battle, but the Lord‘s promises are stronger than anything we might face.

If you pray for her and have a word from God, an encouraging message or just something you’d like to share with her to uplift her, please email us so we can pass it to her.