Prayer & News update

As we enter the 16th day of the operation “Protective Edge”, with no cease fire in sight, and fighting only intensifying, we try to take this time to bring light to the people who ne.

It’s very hard having to run to shelter several times a day, with kids. But we’ve used this time to reach out and bring comfort and support to our communities that are under fire.

We’ve been visiting people at home, also visiting children in bomb shelters (some of them spend their summer camps there), bringing special wartime relief packages.

We also held a special distribution project in our humanitarian center. The response these days is overwhelming. There’s a lot of need and we are trying to help as many as possible.

People have been so blessed by it, just the atmosphere of love and care is so touching for them. Rocket fire hasn’t stopped or lessened, several teams were forced to cancel their planned visits because of the situation. But we are so thankful for one team that was absolutely amazing and came regardless. These beautiful young people were just all heart and we’re eager to pour out love on the people of Israel.

Together we went to visit some families, bring them relief packets, encourage, bring hope, pray for them. And they are all so happy and excited to see us, welcoming us with such warmth into their homes.

One of the older holocaust survivor whom we being humanitarian food packets to every month, was already someway accustomed to us. This time, with the situation being so traumatizing for older people that have already seen so much war and terror in their life, it was like a breath of fresh air for him when we came with our dear American team. When he heard they were Christians who love Israel, who despite the situation came anyway, just to bring love and show support to the Jewish people in Israel, the older man was touched beyond words. He said he has never experienced anything like this. Such outpouring of selfless love, especially during a time when we are not the world’s favorites (when have we ever been?)

We also went to visit our dear troops who might not be fighting inside Gaza, but nevertheless they have been in charge or defending the whole nation, a task they performed amazingly! These young soldiers, both men and women, are in charge of operating the Iron Dome a Missile Defense System that has successfully intercepted countless rockets fired at almost every city in Israel. Their dedication and resilience in times of great pressure is admirable, considering the responsibility they carry at such a young age (most of them are not over 21 years of age)

They were so thrilled to see us when we came with our American friends to bring them gifts and delicious treats to pamper them.

That, to us is priceless. To see the faces, the experience their warm and touched reactions, the gratitude, to feel the pulse of our nation during a time like this, when people are so open and in need of love and comfort.

Isn’t days like these what this scripture is all about?
“Comfort, comfort my people…”

At the congregation we are trying to continue with our services, and despite the challenges, we have had regular daily meetings for morning prayer, and even held a 24-hour prayer and intercession one day a week.

Your prayers have been so vital and precious to us. They are literally plugging into ours and are causing such an impact.

We need your prayers and help more than ever. If you’re heart is to bless and support the people of Israel during this time, we want to be your hands in the Land, to comfort, help, build up, encourage.

Your love right now expressed in many different ways, but especially practically, means more to this nation than ever before. They are open to the message of the gospel as never before and we are committed to carry God’s message of love to His people. With your help, we can reach more people than ever, especially during times like these.

Another important development is that about 30 foreign airlines, both European and American, have grounded and cancelled all their flights into Israel at this point, until further notice. Which means, thousands of Israelis are now stuck abroad without being able to come home, while many others cannot leave Israel. Considering summer is the busiest season, when airport traffic of in-going and outgoing flights is so heavy, arrival and departure halls are now almost empty. Israel’s sky is practically closed. It is very difficult for me and my wife Vicky, since our little boy Guy (9) was supposed to come back from his summer camp in Germany, where we sent him along with a few other kids from our congregation. They are obviously being accompanied by an adult, but it doesn’t make it any less stressful for us, and for the children who are very worried and just want to come home.

Please pray for this situation! For FAA (Federal Aviation Administration U.S.) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) to lift the suspension of flights into Israel as soon as possible, so people can come back home or fly out again. Pray for open sky over Israel.

Here are some important points dear friends of our at Maoz put together so accurately.

How You Can Pray

  1. Pray for the safety of these believers in the IDF as well as all other soldiers.
  2. Pray against infiltration of Hamas members or any other terrorists inside of Israel.
  3. Pray against trauma in the lives of Israelis running for cover at all hours of the day and night, and innocent Palestinians caught in the middle.
  4. Pray that in the midst of this conflict we will see more and more salvations!
  5. Pray for continued supernatural protections against rocket fire.
  6. Pray for God’s grace on the IDF to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza.
  7. Pray for God to break down the rule of terrorist organization Hamas that is holding Gaza’s civilians hostage, using even small children as human shields. No child deserves to live in such horror.