Prayer Update – Oct 2018

Shalom dear friends!

I pray this update finds you well and blessed!

A major part of our follow-up work is maintaining contact with the people that we reach with the Gospel through our outreach campaigns, to ensure they remain rooted and established in the faith, nurtured and loved by their brothers and sisters in Yeshua (Jesus). Recently we launched our brand-new “Foundations of our Faith” discipleship course which follows closely on the heels of our evangelism events, such as the groundbreaking outreach we recently held up in the beautiful Galilee. Over 20 people signed up after this impacting event and are now being discipled as new believers in Yeshua (Jesus), hallelujah!

Another part of our follow up program is the Beit Hallel Family Course that we conduct periodically to assist the couples and families that we reach with the Gospel. This dynamic course helps couples and families of new believers to build strong foundations, based on biblical principles and the saving knowledge of God. This course has proven to be a powerful tool in drawing people closer in their walk with God, and to receive a deeper understanding of how much they need Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior and Shepherd in their daily lives.

Beit Hallel Family Course

We’ve heard some amazing testimonies of just how much this course has impacted people’s lives!

One such a family is Vladimir and Tanya, who have recently made Aliyah to Israel, and have been struggling to adapt to their new lives in Israel, as most new immigrants do. Their marriage and family life has undergone a tremendous shift since they’ve received the teachings of God on the importance of unity in the family, and praying together as husband and wife.

They realized that they desperately need God in their lives, especially after they’ve encountered some issues with their little boy who was struggling to acclimatize to life in

Israel. For the first time in their lives, they lifted their voices together in prayer to God. The answer came immediately and was a
confirmation to them that they were on the
right path.

Also, during our most recent Family Course, more than half the couples were non- believers. They were visibly touched by the biblical teachings they received. There was much laughter, many tears, and most of the non-believers were challenged in their hearts. They expressed their eagerness to continue with the course and to learn more about God and His plans for their lives as families.