Providing Beds to Ukrainian Refugees in Israel
Praise Report!

Generosity’s reward is the gratitude it produces in the ones it aims to serve.

When we first learned of a very specific need of many large families, which was beds for their kids, we knew we had to help.

Being displaced from the only home you knew is devastating, but then having the opportunity to start fresh in a new country fills you with gratitude and hope. However, there are many challenges families are met with after they arrive in Israel.

Housing, work, language, basic house supplies, furniture, food…there’s so much to build, find and start from scratch.

Large families with more than 3 kids found themselves in a situation where the whole family had to share one bed because it was a luxury to find fully furnished apartments and beds for every child.

Bunk Beds might not seem like a luxury to some, but to these families of Olim and their children, these bunk beds mean the world!

Despite the investment it required, you showed up with generosity and kindness and truly made this project a reality.

Thanks to your amazing generosity and sowing into this project, we have been able to purchase and provide 15 families with bunk beds that will serve them for years and offer a much-needed solution for their children.

If you could only see the amazement, joy, and gratitude on the faces of both parents and kids when they received their bunk beds.

Their sheer thankfulness gave this project a value far greater than its initial cost.

This is only the first phase of this project. There’s more to do! We plan on continuing to supply families with much-needed solutions during their first months in the land.

Consider becoming an ongoing blessing to families of Olim that were displaced, yet found their new life in Israel.