Purim Kids Project
Making Purim Unforgettable

Purim is a prophetic, inspiring and hopeful feast. It is full of symbolism that reflects God’s commitment to His people and His desire to see those He called to step up to the challenge and take up their royal calling while standing in the gap for His nation. 

Purim has a special place in Israel’s history, culture and heart. It was always known to be a colourful and vibrant celebration, one children enjoy especially because of how joyful it is. 

There’s always joy in celebrating the deliverance of the Lord, knowing evil was and will always be defeated by God. 

Purim is a biblical festival that children love and celebrate wholeheartedly, which is why we want to take this opportunity to bless the children, especially since for many of them this will be their very first Purim celebrated in Israel. 

It is currently an especially important Purim because it is being celebrated while Israel is still fighting a war for its survival. 

War is absolutely terrible, and it usually affects children the most, especially ones who are still displaced and evacuated from communities under fire. 

Our goal is to make this Purim a memorable one for the children, so we can create sweet memories instead of the bitter ones they have due to the ongoing war. 

This is an opportunity to sow seeds of love and kindness in their little hearts that will specially sweeten their Purim in this time of war. 

Would you join us in blessing 350 children from our community with special Purim gift packages? 

Our need for 350 children is $7000. But even a gift as little as $20 will bless one child with a special gift package, helping us create beautiful memories in their hearts of an unforgettable Purim.