Retirement Home Music Outreach

Retirement Home Music Outreach

And now, in my old age, don’t set me aside. Don’t forsake me now when my strength is failing.

Psalm 71:9

In this scripture, we can see the Lord’s heart revealed to the older generation, that they are not to be forgotten or forsaken. They are loved by God, and He desires for them to be saved and healed, just as with anyone else. Our outreach work among our senior citizens in Israel is of the utmost importance to us, and the fact that many are also Holocaust Survivors makes this work a priority for us.

Recently we conducted a delightful music outreach in honour of the elderly at one of our local retirement homes in Ashdod. We had invited a professional violinist, Sergey, to lead the performance for us. Sergey himself had also been a beneficiary of our humanitarian work in Israel and wanted to sow back into the community by partnering with us in our outreaches among the elderly.

The combination of Sergey’s musical gift, along with the preaching of the Gospel, had a tremendous impact on the senior citizens at the performance and many opened their hearts to the Word of God that went out. After the concert, our follow-up team ministered to these dear ones and testified of God’s plan of salvation for the Jewish people through His only-begotten son, Yeshua.

The response among the people was amazing — many wept tears of joy as they prayed the prayer of repentance and received Jesus into their hearts. Our team then prayed for each and every person and released their faith for the healing of their bodies. It was a powerful moment, and the Holy Spirit saturated the atmosphere. We’re expecting many more testimonies to come out of this blessed event.