Rosh Hashana Celebration Praise Report

This past week we had the privilege of hosting more than 300 people for a special Rosh Hashana celebration, along with food distribution and an impressive performance from a professional dance troupe. Among those in attendance were Holocaust Survivors, New Jewish Immigrants, and Ukrainian Refugees. The Lord had laid it on our hearts to bless them with the love and provision of Yeshua, and to reconnect them with their Jewish roots and the prophetic significance thereof during this time of the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashana).

It was such a special opportunity for our leadership to also spend time in fellowship with these dear ones, to hear their hearts, and to pray for their needs and their loved ones. To so many of these people, Beit Hallel isn’t just a place where they come to receive critical humanitarian aid in their hour of need, but it’s a sanctuary where they are accepted and are offered friendship with no strings attached, as the love of Jesus is unconditional.

During the dance performance smiles lit up all around the auditorium, and the people clapped their hands and some even danced along. It was a moment in time for them to forget about their hardships, and to enjoy a celebration of their Jewishness, and to soak in the presence and love of Yeshua. Many tears were shed as they received their holiday food hampers afterwards, and nearly every time we bless a person, they would ask the question: “Why are you doing this?” This is then the time when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us, and for the love of Jesus to flow.

These types of projects are ongoing initiatives at Beit Hallel, because there’s a near constant influx of new Jewish Immigrants and Ukrainian Refugees to Israel, and they need all the help they get. We would like to invite you to partner with us on a monthly basis in taking care of these dear ones.

With your monthly support we will be able to consistently provide aid, and more importantly, demonstrate the reality of Yeshua to these dear ones. A single food hamper for a family costs $30 and contains a wide variety of non-perishable food items! Please consider standing with the nation of Israel today in preparation for the great end-time harvest through your prayer and support!