Sasha’s Story
Life Changing Encounters

There are so many people we pass by on the street in our day-to-day lives, so many people who simply cross our paths. 

Oftentimes we don’t give it much thought as to the struggles or challenges that person faces, the battles they fight deep down or the reason our paths crossed at one point in time. 

No encounter is random, and no connection made is accidental. God plans and preordains these divine moments when He places us on someone’s path to change their life or at least give them hope and a glimpse at the immense love God has for them. 

That’s how we met Sasha at a local Jerusalem coffee shop, a young single mother who recently made aliyah with her two small children. 

Learning about her recent aliyah all by herself with two kids, we told her about our humanitarian relief program for new Olim that she could benefit from.

The connection was immediate, and Sasha opened her heart to share her difficult journey and life circumstances that led her to Israel with her children. 

No meeting is ever random, because the day we met Sasha and she told us about her struggles and her small kids, we were distributing children’s care packages that day and were able to bless her with two packages for her kids. 

Sasha was beyond touched. She started crying, saying how she couldn’t believe this would happen when she needed it most. We told her that’s exactly when God operates in our lives when we need Him most. 

It was a divine opportunity to share with her how much God loves her, and she was able to witness that in action. 

Sasha’s heart will never go back to its original size having been expanded by God’s love. 

That is the power of love in action. The effect of kindness goes further than you imagine. When you support our humanitarian projects like these, you are being a part of these divine connections we make with people on the ground — connections that change the course of their lives. 

Your generosity creates a bigger impact than you know!